Thursday, November 24, 2016

Shin Bet Makes Arrests as Palestinian Arson Terrorism is Suspected!


4:16PM IL: Every emergency agency in Israel is focused on assisting in battling the fires in the Haifa district and elsewhere in Israel or addressing the needs of over 60,000 homeless, victims of the fires.
In his press statements a short time ago, 

Police Commissioner Alsheich ordered the establishment of a special investigation team into the fires over recent days, a unit that will combine the expertise of intelligence, operational, technological, forensic technicians and other units. One may assume Israel Police will be cooperating with the Shin Bet, which announced it too is probing the possibility the arson that led to the blazes was Palestinian terror.

Hardest hit in Israel is the Haifa district, where over 7,500 duman (1,875 acres) of forest land has been destroyed. There are still five fronts being battled in Haifa, all described as “giant fires that continue burning out of control”.

In updated statements released to the media, the Shin Bet is working on the premise the fires were the result of Palestinian terrorist arson. Channel 10 News adds that there are already suspects in custody. Two of the suspects in custody are reportedly students at the University of Haifa but this is yet unconfirmed.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan promises persons responsible for the arson attacks will be apprehended and brought to justice.

Some fire-related briefs:
• Bnei Tzion Hospital information number: 12-55-142
• Train service between Binyamina to Hadera still interrupted but officials hope to resume service soon
• The last of the patients from geriatric center being evacuated
• 105 persons required medical attention due to fires
• Forecasters expect unseasonably high winds to continue through Shabbos
• Police spokesman: While there is a fire in the Shar HaGuy area, Route 1, the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway remains open, despite unfounded reports to the contrary a bit earlier
• An Arab trying to start a fire near Kochav Yaakov in the Binyamin Council of the Shomron apprehended in time
• Rock-throwing attacks against Israeli motorists continue at this hour near Kiryat Arba


Anonymous said...

there is only one solution to all these problems and it is Rabbi Meir Kahane's solution "THEY ALL MUST GO"

Unknown said...

Arabs relish destruction ... Jews thrive on building ...