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This past week's Haftorah shows the difference between Sfardim and Ashkeneizim

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שם מסופר על האשה השונמית שבנה מת,  והיא הולכת לאלישע שיחייה את בנה, בעלה שואל אותה מדוע את הולכת אליו, לא חודש  ולא שבת, ותאמר שלום. *כאן מסיימים הספרדים* מספיק שהולכת לרב בטוח יחיה . *ואילו האשכנזים*  עד שלא רואים שאלישע החייה את הנער לא מסיימים את ההפטרה  *נקודה למחשבה*

In  the Haftorah (Melachim 4:1-37) that was read this Shabbos Parshas VaYeirah, we read two stories of  Shunamit Women, one  whose husband (the Prohet Ovadia) dies suddenly, and she goes to Elisha to complain that creditors are after her and Elisha takes care of the problem......

but in the second story we see a sharp contrast between Sfardim and Ashkeneizim....

We read about a childless Shunamite women, who is promised a son by Elisha, conceives and  gives birth to a boy, and the boy grows up but  suddenly dies still a child.... she then asks her husband (who has no knowledge that the child has died) "Please send me one of the attendants and one of the donkeys so that I can hurry to the man of G-d (Elisha)" 
Her husband asks: " Why are you going to him today? It is not Rosh Chodash, and it isn't Shabbos?"
She says : "All is well."

The Sfardim end the  reading of  the Haftorah here ..... where she is confident that everything will turn out great, since she had Amunas Tzaddikim and 100% trust in Elisha!

But The Ashkeneizim, who don't have this Amunah Peshuta .... must read on .....until they read that Elisha actually revived the child!
Very Interesting ..........

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Harry said...

I, who am Ashkenazi, am always truly intrigued every year when I see kaan mesaymim hasefaradim, righ in the midddle of the story at the moment of suspense. I like by your interpretation that it is a show of emunas chachamim. But you would have been well off to stop short of saying that Ashkeneizim don't have this Amunah Peshuta. After all this minhag dates back to such great Ashkenazi tzadikim like the Maharil.