Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Media BAFFLED By Motives of Self-Declared Islamic Terrorist at Ohio State

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Tuesday, nearly a full day after Islamic terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan ran a car into a group of students and then hopped out with a butcher’s knife and began hacking away, CNN still can’t uncover a motive. 
Here’s CNN’s headline: 
“Students back in class at Ohio State; investigators search for knife attack motive.” 
Ohio Governor John Kasich – OH GOD NO PLEASE GOD NO NOT JOHN KASICH – has now announced “we may never find out” why Artan committed this act of terrorism.
I have a hot lead.
It’s called Facebook.
Here was Artan’s post just before entering into a personal jihad against Americans:
Law enforcement official tells @ShimonPro this is text from a Facebook post believed to be by suspect in OSU attack
But the media have decided to make this about discrimination against Muslims. Here’s CNN: “Back in August, Ohio State's student-run newspaper profiled Artan as part of its ‘Humans of Ohio State’ series. He had just transferred from Columbus State and talked about his struggles to find a place to pray in peace on the large campus.” They neglect to mention that at the end of the profile, Artan admits he engaged in prayer in the open with no consequences. Which is normal. 
As an Orthodox Jew, I pray three times a day; in the mornings, I pray with tallis (prayer shawl) and tefillin (phylacteries). I have never been bothered or approached while praying in public everywhere from campuses to airports. This is America, the most tolerant country on planet earth. But the media must pretend that Artan was a victim of the West rather than a perpetrator against it.
That springs from a deep-seated need to cast Western civilization in a negative light. The media did the same thing after a spate of attacks in France – an enormous series of stories broke about how France had not been tolerant enough toward new Muslim immigrants. Because the left’s chief priority in life is equality of outcome, and because the left believes that actions should have no connection with consequences, the left must connect all unhappiness and suffering not with individual decision making but with The System. And The System is Islamophobic, which is why Artan was so upset.
Or, alternatively, we may never know why this Islamic terrorist committed an act of Islamic terrorism.
Want to know why Trump won? Because of this sort of nonsense. We all know why Artan committed an act of terrorism. It wasn’t because of lack of gun control or the evils of income inequality or any other stupid reason those who purposefully attempt to obscure the truth suggest. It was because of radical Islam. At least Trump will say the words, unlike cowards of both left and right.

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Falafel Akbar said...

Check out the story on reporter Heidi Hemmat who had to quit Fox's KDVR news after she did a segment on Arab scumbag Muhammed Murib scamming the public. She started getting death threats & says Fox did nothing to protect her.