Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hikind wants you to vote for Paul Ryan, eventhough he is not even on the ballot

This raving lunatic, the meshiginar Hikind is voting for Paul Ryan! 
Paul Ryan the speaker of the House is not even running, and Paul Ryan himself is voting for Trump!
Hikind, wants you to go waste your time waiting in line like a meshiginar and then waste your vote, on a guy who isn't running!
Standing next to him is Genack who went out of his way to plant a juicy kiss on Hillary's ugly face just a few months ago!
These are our Jewish "leaders," a bunch of clueless idiots!
I'm embarrassed to have this fool represent us in any forum!

Tonight at an election forum in Flatbush, NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind made his choice for president known.

“I have decided to write in Speaker Paul Ryan for President of the United States”, Hikind told the crowd at Talmud Torah Of Flatbush.
“He (Ryan) is a superstar with great integrity and morality”.

Tonight’s event gave community members the opportunity to ask questions to Hikind regarding Donald Trump as well as Rabbi Menachem Genack responding to questions regarding Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

You switched it around. It was Hillary who kissed him. What could he do, he was karka olam.

Low Klass said...

It's a good thing no one reads the Jewish Press anymore, the only "newspaper" that takes Hikind seriously.

What about that idiot Frankfurter? Did Ami endorse anyone?

Anonymous said...

who's more meshuga? hikind voting for ryan or satmar voting for encoureging to vote for hillary just as they did for obama

Anonymous said...

Lashon hara

Unknown said...

I understand why Dov Hikind wish to support Paul Ryan . But Paul Ryan is not running. A vote for Paul Ryan for president will not be recorded . https://www.elections.ny.gov/NYSBOE/download/law/OfficialPresidentialWrite-Ins2016.pdf provides a list of the write-in candidates whose votes will at least be recorded. In my opinion, it is better choose one of the other candidates who ARE running and getting your vote to be recorded than simply to write in your personal favorite.