Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hillary's & Bernie's Voters ....getting things for free in Brooklyn


Barack Hussein Obumbum said...

Hoe dee doh, hoe dee doe!

(Hold the door, hold the door!)

Now this is my kind of anarchy. At least de Blasio is good for something besides marrying a Sistah.

Al Sharpton said...

DIN gets something right for a change. It is FREE because what's mine is mine & what's your's is mine. Stores have a din of public gemach.

This is de Blah-sio time, not Jew-liani time.

Jesse Jerkson said...

Keep hope alive!

Govunna Coomoe gonna help protect these brothas from Trump.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Washington Times report of George Soros funding Black Lives Matter & pumping millions to alter elections in favor of pro-anarchy activist judges.

Soros sabotaged the election of 11 Republican judges. 2 of the Republicans even dropped out of the race to let the anarchists run unopposed after Soros hired mega PR firms from DC who filled the media with slander about the Republicans who had no money to defend themselves against the lies & character assassination.