Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rabbonim Protest French Jewish Children being Sent to Chinach Atzmai Schools, Better they Assimilate and Become gentiles!

I recently posted that R' Zalman Leib, Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe, teamed up with Litvishe Roshei Yeshivah to raise funds, to make sure that French Jewish children that are going to Israel,  be educated in Chinuch Atzmai Schools.

Chinuch Atzmai is a branch of Agudah and one of the founders was R' Aron Kotler, founder of Lakewood! 

The late R' Yoel Teitelbaum, founder of the Satmar Chassidic movement, paskened that Chinuch Atmai is chazir treif since the schools are an offshoot of Agudah!

Now 12 "Gedoilei Yisroel" sent a Kol Koreh stating that sending the French Children to Chinuch Atzmai will "Eliminate Torah in this generation and in future generations." The Kol koreh  keeps reiterating that Chinuch Atzmai will "shmad' all French children!

This poster was generated by none other than R' Aron Teitelbaum, Monroe Satmar Rebbe, who hates his brother with a passion, and will do anything to undermine anything R' Zalman Leib does, even if it means destroying any vintage of hope of having Jewish Children get a frum education!

As I explained in my previous post , none of the French Children come from frum homes, they come from borderline Jewish backgrounds, and the parents really want them to go to  Zionist Dati Schools and want them integrating in Israeli Society, knowing full well that they will at least marry someone Jewish. In France the assimilation is growing at an astronomical pace, and the chance of them marrying someone Jewish, is slim.

Rabbonim, including R"Zalman Leib are trying to get these children in a Frum school and in a Frum environment and the best way to facilitate this, would be to work with the existing Chinuch Atzmai schools ....
because none of these children will go to any Chassidic Schools.

Well the gang of 12, would rather have these kids assimilate and marry gentiles than to have them go to the Agudah Chinuch Atzmai Schools... 


Anonymous said...

the title says it all. "ATTAH NOSEN YAD LAPOSH"IM"

If you support these bums, you are definitely giving your money to gangsters.

Anonymous said...

DIN,it is not Aron Teitel-BUM behind this pashkvil,it is the crazies of BNEI YOEL,all the RESHAIM signed are enemies of Aron
Not that the gangster and RASHA MERUSHA Aron is much better