Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Israeli BDS supporter seeks asylum in Canada

Gilad Paz
The meshigener,Gilad Paz, a lawyer and human rights activist who supports the BDS movement against Israel, applied for asylum in Canada on the grounds of 'political persecution'; 'I realized that people like me have no place in the country.

"I am politically persecuted in Israel. I realized that people

 like me have no place in the country, so I decided to leave

 before it's too late," Paz said in an interview with Ynet.

Upon landing at the airport in Montreal on August 11 Paz, a

 lawyer dealing with human rights and labor law, immediately

 submitted a formal request for political asylum. In addition,

 he was active in the human rights organization Amnesty

 Israel as well as left-wing political party Meretz.

An independent lawyer, Paz has represented Arab-Israeli

 clients and Palestinians from the territories.

(and just like Satmar, he said) "I haven't believed in the State

 of Israel for a long time," said

 Paz. "I believe that the Zionist idea was a fundamental

 mistake and we are paying a heavy price for it today. The

 original sin was the Nakba, and later the despicable

 occupation of 1967 and the deterioration of the situation. I

 support BDS because I don't think Israel understands any 

other language."

exactly Satmar Ideology!

According to Paz, he decided to leave Israel and apply for

 asylum in Canada due to pressure from Public Security

 Minister Gilad Erdan and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri against

 BDS activists.

 "I submitted the application as a result of the

 declaration by Erdan and Deri to deport and refuse entry to

 BDS activists with foreign citizenship. I decided to turn to

 Canada because they are the most open to requests for

 political asylum," explained Paz.

"Erdan and Deri don't like people like me as much as they

 don't like foreigners, but when it comes to a person like me

, who is a citizen of Israel by birth, they have a legal problem

 which makes it difficult for them to deport me by force,” he


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This human excrement belongs amongs his co-Israel haters in Kyryas Joel and Williamsburg