Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rabbi Eric Solomon of Raleigh North Carolina will visit Arafat's grave

The "rasha" Solomon
As I said many times, Jews are their own worst enemies. The "Rabbi" of Congregation Beth Meyer Synagogue in Raleigh, North Carolina, is going to the Middle East to visit the grave of the murderer of his brothers and sisters in Israel! He will visit the grave of someone that ordered the murder of Jewish children while they were eating pizza in Yerushalayim!
His tour operator, Mejdi has ties to Hamas! 
This "shul" touts a "chesed" program that states that "Darfur,as well as Israel and Palestine are significant topics" 
This piece of garbage that calls himself a rabbi, will spit in the faces of parents, brothers and sisters that lost family to Arafat, a blood thirsty Arab savage!

How low have we sunk? 
What purpose is he serving davening at the grave of a serial killer?
I know ...I know that he is a Rabbi like I am a orange, but the gentile world and even our own Jews look up to this devil disguised as a human ...

Now read a letter of one of his congregants!

Letter to a rabbi in North Carolina - from an unusually brave member of the local Jewish community. Steven Rosenberg of Raleigh, North Carolina, speaks up for Israel and  takes a stand against barbarism and moral decay. All this seems to be with no support (so far) from  Jewish officialdom who hold positions of power in Raleigh. A profile in courage:

Dear Rabbi Solomon:
My recent emails concerning your activities, including planning a trip to Yasser Arafat’s tomb, have started a conversation that I hope will produce good results for the community.
As a Rabbi in Raleigh, you are in a position of great influence to both the local Jewish community and our non-Jewish neighbors. After the responses I have received, I know that I am one of many people in the community that have concerns about your activities that unfairly criticize the state of Israel.
You ask the Jewish National Fund to adhere to the “Moses Standard” of transparency. You write, “If Moses could ensure that all his financial records were fully transparent, then we should expect nothing less from a Jewish organization like the JNF which has held our people’s sacred trust for over 100 years. Why should the JNF be afraid to share where our money goes after it leaves the little blue box?” (Documents, page 59)
Can we hold you to the same standard and ask for your response to the following questions?
  • What purpose does your visit of Arafat’s tomb serve? What is Arafat’s legacy? Why can’t you find time in a 10 day trip to visit Yad Vashem or Har Herzl in Jerusalem when you plan on going to the Mahmoud Darwish Museum? (Documents, page 16) A bonus question, who is Mahmoud Darwish and why does he have a museum that you want to visit?

  • In a related question on your itinerary, you write “Ascend the Temple Mount for a tour of the precinct and have a question and answer session with a local Muslim imam.” I see no mention of the Western Wall (Kotel), the holiest site in the world for Jews. Do you plan to let your trip participants pray at the Western Wall and possibly meet a local rabbi? If not, why not? 

  • How do you answer your own question to the JNF, “Will my money strengthen Israel’s democracy and civil society? Will it move us closer to peace?” 

  • Are you aware of the relationship between your tour operator, Mejdi, and its links to pro-Hamas support groups such as Holy Land Trust? Reverend Dr. Mae Elise Cannon, currently with Mejdi Tours, was a senior member of the World Vision NGO. World Vision was just accused of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Coincidence?  (page 57)

  • My good friend Ronit Bart lives next to the border of Gaza.(see video) Over the last 12 years their community has had to live with daily rocket attacks and terror tunnels from terrorists that are trying to hurt her and her family. What can the State of Israel do to these terrorists so there will be peace? How have your actions helped with this effort?

As someone who has lived in the Raleigh community for 32 years, I would like nothing more than a cohesive Jewish community that works together to guarantee a safe Israel and a good future for our children and grandchildren in Israel, in the United States and ideally, everywhere in the world.
I ask the community to review the information I have assembled and come to their own conclusions. I also ask that the community forward this email to friends and family who share my concern. I updated the file with an article from The Washington Post (page 57) and your request to the Jewish National Fund (page 59).   In addition, the previous two emails are included at the end.
Rabbi Solomon, I look forward to hearing from you directly and sharing your responses. I can be reached a traleighjew@gmail.com.
Steven Rosenberg


Ma Rabbi said...

You are correct. Eric Solomon is a rabbi like " you are on orange."
except please dont insult oranges.

anonymous said...

Miharsayich Umachrivayich mimeich yeitzei'u

Anonymous said...

He might meet there some of his fellow Jew hating criminally insane KAPO bastards from Neturai Karta and Satmar

Harry said...

What are you so up in arms about this? The very fact that he is a conservative rabbi tells you that he has no respect for The Torah. So after that everything else, every other deviance, is relatively insignificant. I can find you plenty of people with no sense om morality, so here is yet another. When Neturei Karta people who otherwise keep The Torah befriend and support murderers, that's something which deserves an outcry.

פלוני אלמוני said...

There were a couple of "Peace Now" activists who recently were stoned in Ramallah

Anonymous said...

A lot of times, it's for attention. Make a headline, be noticed, holier than thou attitude. It would be hilarious of the Palestinian mis Authority refuses him access because they do not want a Jew to desecrate the grave site.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought about raising money to purchase a cemetary plot next to Arafat for this Solomon so called Rabbi? Please let me know...I wish to contribute

Anonymous said...

and when nirurei karta went there? and when they said thilim he should have a refuah shleima? nobody said anything

Anonymous said...

Our people need "rabbis" like him like I need a third armpit. He's a damned kapo.