Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Israel, circa 1900: 115 year old photos of the Holy Land

In 2011, Rev. Stephen White brought to Dublin several old cardboard boxes found in the old Church of Ireland Killaloe deanery in Limerick. He delivered them to Dr. Susan Hood, the archivist for the Church of Ireland's Representative Church Body Library.

Above is what a treasure looks like. Boxes of lantern slides -- the precursor to photographic slides and slide projectors
Dr. Hood understood she had just received a photographic treasure: hundreds of century-old "lantern slides" of sites in Ireland, India, and the Holy Land.
Dr. Hood deserves credit for preserving the images, digitizing them and posting them on the RCB's homepage.

We thank her for granting us permission to publish the RCB photographs.

Last year, Dr. Hood and BBC undertook an investigation to discover the name of hitherto anonymous photographer. They were able to identify him as David Brown, a soap manufacturer from Donaghmore who was also an amateur photographer. In 1897 he joined a pilgrimage led by his brother in law, a Presbyterian minister from Northern Ireland.

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