Monday, August 15, 2016

Aron Teitelbaum nabbed by Police!

Aaron Teitelbaum
It's not R" Aron Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe from Monroe ..... but close...

Aron Teitelbaum 25, together with Berish Gottleib, were arrested by the Zionist police for sexual crimes against youngsters!

Aron is the son of Amrom Teitelbaum,the close adviser of the Anti-Zionist fanatic R' Tuvia Weiss.


SoftwareGuru said...

Didn't know there were "Zionist" police. If there were sexual crimes against youngsters, everybody in the community must support this police action and not label the police to be "Zionist" or with some other inappropriate and irrelevant adjective. Similarly, the phrase "anti-Zionist fanatic" is also irrelevant and obscures the facts of what occurred, if there are any here.

Anonymous said...

If they are guilty, may they develop gangrene in their petzlech and need to have them amputated.