Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tisha Be'ov


Ma Rabbi said...

Wow. What a Kiddush Hashem.

Anonymous said...

Ma Rabbi,
I vehemently disagree,how can you say "kidush Hashem" when you clearly can see on top of the KOSEL standing that filthy muslim abomination they call the golden dome,the fact that on the day of June 7 1967 when God almighty liberated all of Jerusalem and handed it over to his children on a silver plater just as he has promised them 2000 years ago,and we did not on the same day destroy that filthy AVODAH ZARAH standing on our MAKOM HAMIKDASH as HALACHA dictates,that is
the biggest CHILLUL HASHEM possible.
Had we done that and also thrown out the murderous Jew hating terrorist animals living in our holy land and had hundreds of thousands of religious Jews packed their bags in their comfortable GALUS and come back home,MOSHIACH and the GEULAH would have happened already.


Harry said...

My Dear Chaim,

First of all, even if you are correct about what should have been done, we can't turn the clock back, can we? So today all of those Yidden who came to the holy place to mourn were doing a good thing, weren't they? So that is a kiddush Hashem.

Second of all, I don't know about what could have and what should have been done. Nor do we know what exactly Hashem's plan is for when Moshiach will come, and we don't know about any specific thing, to say that it would bring Moshiach.

So it is our job to do the things that are mitzvos and to refrain from avairos, and that is what makes a kiddush Hashem.

Anonymous said...

My dear Harry,
Yes i wholeheartedly agree with you that the fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews came to together on TISHA B'AV
at the KOSEL to lament at the destruction of our BEIS HAMIKDASH and at the same time pray and ask HAKADOSH BARUCH HU to rebuild it speedily in our time is a great KIDUSH HASHEM,but at the same time the fact that there is still standing that abomination on our MAKOM HAMIKDASH, and the fact that millions of Jews (including myself) are still sitting in GALUS (AL SIR HABASOR) after being handed our holy land back to us on a silver platter,that is a big CHILLUL HASHEM,and maybe just maybe that is the real reason why MOSHIACH has not arrived yet,because HASHEM sees we are really not serious in our desire for the GEULAH.
May this TISHA B'AV be the last one in gallus,AMEN


Anonymous said...

Actually. It's not avoda zara.
The Rambam held that a yid is allowed to Daven in a mosque.

Anonymous said...

Ashreichem Yisroel

meir said...

We have to understand that the Mosque on Har Habayis is the result of what we Jews do, and not what Arabs or Moslems do. The Bais Ha mikdash was destroyed because of sin, and hatred. When we see the Mosque, its a call to do TSheva. To stop the Sinchas chinum. On Tisha Beav, we are not called to wage battle. We limit our pleasure so that we can better sense the destruction. We have every right to defend ourselves against our enemies. We tend to blame the Arabs when we as Jews should look at ourselves. More love of a fellow Yid. Eradicate the hate, and the mosque will fall. I know people will say, "stop making drashas". However, we tend to blame others for our own failures. The Palestinians are a call for Tshueva then and now. Do we love another Jew? Our enemies are nothing when Jews love one another. Another Mitzvah, not necessarily another chumra. Look at what the Neviim had to say about why things happen. Honesty in business. We need to change.