Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lakewood Mom Arrested For Leaving Her Child for 40 Minutes in a Hot Car While Shopping

Charged: Police were waiting for the mother to return to the car and arrested her. She has been charged with child endangerment 

I am begging mothers and fathers to see the picture above and engrave it into their heads ......
She is lucky that she is not sitting shiva today ...

A retired sergeant used a sledgehammer to rescue a baby that had been locked inside a hot car outside a New Jersey shopping center this week.

Officials say that 53-year-old Steve Eckel of Jackson and 30-year-old Sarah Mazzone on Tuesday saw the four-month-old girl crying and sweating alone inside the vehicle in Howell, which was locked with its windows closed.

Temperatures were in the upper 80s that day and Eckel said the interior of the car was way hotter.
'Well over 120 degrees, just think of what could have happened,' Eckel told CBS

Eckel broke the front passenger window using a sledgehammer he had in his trunk, and Mazzone carried the infant into an air-conditioned store.

The child's mother approached the vehicle in a panic and police determined the baby was left in the vehicle for about 40 minutes.

Police charged a 33-year-old lady of Lakewood with child endangerment. 
'I do believe in guardian angels, and I think I'm the one for this child,' Eckel told CBS.
'She was sweating, crying, eyes rolling back.'

It's not known if the lady  has a lawyer, but Eckel, as a former officer, has some advice for her.

'She should plead guilty and get probation and realize you just can't do this,' Eckel said. 
Police say the baby appeared fine after she cooled down.


Anonymous said...

I agree that this is a crucial subject that ought to be seriously discussed in articles and also in blogs. It may also be appropriate to provide the accompanying optic of a Lakewood woman being arrested, simply to bring home the point that this could happen to any of us unless we are extremely careful.

But the woman in the picture is not facing the camera, and therefore she cannot be readily identified. What purpose could there then be in broadcasting her name to the readers of your blog. This appears to be a classic case of online shaming which provides no benefit other than the prurient glee of the reader.

Besides being an inexcusable violation of loshon horah, (for this woman is not a public person who serves as a role model for others; she is not a hypocrite who purports to be an exceptional Tzadaykus) it shows poor taste on your part.

Mr. dusiznais, I don't know who you are, which is just as well, because I can therefore criticize your opinion. I am not disparaging your character as a human being. I believe however, that no matter who you are, if your entire life, minute by minute, were to be exposed along with your identity, there would be some scenes of you engaging in some kind of behavior at some point in your life, that you wish you hadn't done and that you certainly do not want to be publicized.

Perhaps, I wrong. It might be that you lead an entirely blameless life. I am merely projecting based on my own experience. My life could not withstand such scrutiny. I know that I have done things in the past that were wrong, and that I am embarrassed to even think about, let alone be announced online.

Baruch Hashem, the child was rescued in time. Hashem chose as his angels of mercy, people who are not of our faith. Why Hashem did so is beyond our ability to fathom. Perhaps it is to teach us humility; that we are not the only ones capable of doing good deeds.

Be that as it may, I must believe that no one is more grateful for the positive outcome of the event than the hapless mother of this child. Also, regardless of whatever mitigating circumstances there may have been (for all you know the mother may have been suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage at that time), no one could be more remorseful for her presumed neglect. than the mother of this child.

The Rambam writes that if a person sins, but sincerely repents then it is forbidden to ever mention his sin again. It is as if it never happened. Should we then not extend this poor woman some shred of dignity?

Your blog is not without value. Hypocrisy and behavior by our so-called leaders ought to exposed. However, in this case, this post suffered from the lack of better editing.

Dusiznies said...

Point well taken, I removed her name

Sarah said...

Give me a break. Her name is everywhere. This woman dressed a 4 month old baby in winter clothes and locked her in a 120 degree car. She needs to be charged with attempted murder, and her kids removed. Sounds like a case of homicidal post-partum depression. I hope she gets the help she desperately needs.

Anonymous said...

Yes her name is everywhere as well as the false and misinformation which you clearly accept as the full truth. I am not suggesting that she be off the hook but before you comment based on what you heard in a sixty second news bit do some more investigation.

yitzchokM said...

Sorry you struggled/are struggling with infertility. I wish you a lots of luck. however, that gives you no right to judge others. Attempted murder? Where do you get off saying that? When I travel with my baby I cover him with a warm blanket even in the summer. Air conditioning we are do you get off saying that? When I travel with my baby, I cover him with a warm blanket even the summer. Air conditioning has the same effect as cold weather.
Thankfully youre not in the position to make that judgement call. law enforcement doesn't see it that way.
Lastly, the fact that her name is posted on other sites doesn't make it right to post it even once more. Two wrongs doesn't make one right.

Harry said...

Dusiznies said...
Point well taken, I removed her name

That earned you a ton of respect from me.

Anonymous said...

first pf all dyfs should take her child and she should be charged just like anyone else. she left the baby in the car on purpose to shop? i dont feel bad for her at all she knew what she was doing. hope she gets it bad

Harry said...

Anonymous 2:34 AM

Wow, you are soooo judgemental and soooo not dan lekaf zechus. You think she wanted to kill her child??? No, you don't just think so, you're completely certain of it! And how would you be so sure? There is no basis for your certainty. Additionally it is far more likely that she was just negligent. Probably not completely aware enough of all of the awareness that was recently made about this. Before all the publicity about this many did it without realizing. I bet if we scrutinized any of us, we will find worse offenses. Watch out and don't be so quick to condemn. It isn't good for you or the people around you.

james said...

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