Friday, August 26, 2016

Two Yeshiva Bochrim Missing in Bear Mountain UPDATED! FOUND!!!!

A search is underway at Bear Mountain State Park in Upstate NY for two missing Yeshiva Bochurim. 

The two boys from Stoliner Mesivta Camp, both 16-years-old, were on a hike on Thursday, but somehow got separated from their group.

The search which is being coordinated by Chaveirim of Rockland County and the Misaskim Organization, has gathered dozens of volunteers at Bear Mountain. The search was launched around midnight – early Friday morning.
The NY State Parks Police is on the scene as well


Baruch Hashem, the boys have been located. After a long and tedious search the boys are now safe. It is unclear how the boys got separated from their group during the hike. One of the boys had a cell phone even while they were lost however they could not make outgoing phone calls due to poor reception. Once they became in range, the boy called his father. The Bochurim were instructed to stay put and emergency responders are on their way to bring them back 

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