Tuesday, August 2, 2016

R' Shteinman's Grandchild Drowns in Tub .. Condition "very Serious"

Evacuation of baby who drowned in Jerusalem
A one and a half year old baby, grandchild of Harav Shteinman Shlitah, drowned in a bathtub in her house in Jerusalem tonight 

An MDA ambulance crew performed CPR on the baby and only evacuated her to the Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital when her pulse had returned.

MDA paramedic David Yelinick who arrived at the area told media, "when I came into the apartment I saw the MDA personnel performing CPR on a baby, around 18 months old, who was unconscious after having drowned in the bathtub.
"We gave her life-saving treatment, with advanced and continuous CPR that included medication and massaging, and when her pulse returned we immediately took her out to the hospital while continuing treatment," he added.

Police investigators arrived at the scene too, and are now looking into the possibility of criminal negligence.

It should be noted that tragic incidents of drowning infants are especially common in the summertime.

העתירו בתפילה עבור מרים אידל בת בתיה לרפואה שלמה.

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