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Thursday, August 11, 2016

See How Satmar deals with the Neturei Karta UPDATED!

Satmar guys had enough with the Neturei Karta Savages that use the Palestinian flag to protest Israel!
Watch video to see justice done!

Because of the many e-mails that I received, with people saying they were confused.... I will clarify what really happened!

These two Neturei Karta Savages were really protesting the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum.

R' Zalman Leib in one of his many antics of defaming the Israeli government, came up with a genius idea, that would defame Israel and the same time bring millions to Satmar coffers!

It was all about French Children!

French children!!!!!?????
What do French Children have anything to do with this????
Aren't those savages holding up posters against Israel?????
What are you talking about? DIN! Are you insane????
And if they are holding up posters against Israel, why would a Satmar guy rip off that sign?????? Confused?????

Relax, get a hot cocoa always have DIN to give you clarity!

The French Jews are leaving France by the thousands, and those that are staying in France, send their children to Israel to study..

So R' Zalman Leib took the "Shmad" Satmar Campaign out of mothballs and re-incarnated the false bizarre claim that the Zionists are taking French children,kidnapping them and integrating them into the secular Israel society ala "Yaldei Teiman"..

The truth is, and you heard here first, the French children that are being sent to Israel are secular to begin with ....
there are no Frum French Jews sending their children to France unsupervised ....There isn't ONE frum French family that is sending any of their children to Israel to a secular Zionist School...... not ONE!!!

Good....I hear how are "we" (Satmar) going to pull off this false narrative....

R' Zalman Leib back from vacation , and  has nothing to do all day, came up with the following idea!
How about recruiting the naive R' Malkiel Kotler and the other naive Litvishe Roshei Yeshiva and make an Asifa ...... call it "achdus"   ring the alarm to the unread, illiterate sheep, and warn them that the Zionists are about to Shmad all French Children.... and start a fundraising campaign, to save them    "mamesh hatzalas ne'fashois"....

Great Idea... but some one forgot to tell R" Zalman Leib that there is no French Child in Israel going to any Satmar Mosad...
there is no way that French Children are going to shave their heads, grow pieus, put on long chassididhe gotchkis and wear chassidishe clothing .... no way!
When was the last time you heard a Satmar Chusid speak fluent French???? Except maybe in Montreal!

Yoi ...oih... what are we to do now????...
The quiet "chezchelle metchella" Malkiel Kotler in awe of R' Zalman Leib, because R' Zalman Leib honored and invited him to be on the Rabbinic Panel ....quietly suggested, naively  ... that they integrate the French children in the existing Chinuch Atzmaei Yeshivois... because this is the only way that they could convince secular French Jews that they would be better off  sending their children to Chinuch Atzmaie than to Zionist Dati Schools..

R' Zalman Leib already dreaming and counting the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that this fundraising was going to bring in....jumped on this idea and totally forgot that Chinuch Atmaei is Chazir Treif by the Satmars!
Maybe, he didn't forget ....and thought to himself, "Chinuch Atzmaei....Shminuch Atzmaei" "For money, I will bury the entire Satmar dogma""

While the French Jews were living in France, and their children were assimilating with the gentiles...marrying out of the faith ... Satmar didn't say one word's only now that they are in Israel and  have 100% chance of marrying Jews, and will now become B"H,  Zionists ....that .... is now a bone in their throats ... 

Also while the French Jews were slowly assimilating at a rate of 80% and becoming gentiles, Satmar could care less that the French were becoming goyim because Satmar had no chance of making money off them ....they are not into the Baal Shem Tov dogma that requires kiruv ...the holy rebbe, R' Yoel Teitelbaum, founder of the Satmar Chissidus said that the Baal Shem's idea of including all Jews was "nishtakach" forgotten ...??,,
but as soon as they heard that the French, against Satmar insane advice, were making Aliyah .......they got excited .... threw the "nishtakach" idea in the garbage ,for the opportunity of making a financial killing and badmouthing Zionists at the same time ...Wow!

And so, these Neturei Karta bastards were really protesting with posters stating that "Chinuch Atzmaei is Chazir Treif"
the video above was minutes after the other posters were ripped from them that were against R' Zalman Leib ...

The Satmar guy like all Satmars is also against Israel, and could care less about the Palestinian Posters ....
what he was mad about, was that  they were there to protest his holy Rebbe .... R' Zalman Leib..
They get upset when their ox is being gored (minyona de'yoime of the daf haYoime)

See the sign below stating that "Chinuch Atzmai is Heresy"


Herr Donald von Drumpf said...

only because they are criticizing Zalman Leib
you have to see the previous video

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that it is Satmar that has spawned these criminally insane NETURAI KARTA animals,the vast majority of these bastards grew up and where educated in Satmar CHEIDERS and YESHIVAS. They were brainwashed in their hatred of Israel with the Satmar Israel hating propaganda manifestos " VAYOEL MOSHE and the "AL HAGEULA VAL HATEMURA".
and it is also well known that most of their financial backing comes from the BNAI YOEL branch of Satmar.
Satmar cannot claim "YADIENY LO SHOFCHU DAM HAZEH"


Meir said...

I don't feel that it was right for anyone to rip a sign from somebody's hand like that. We still live in the USA, we have freedom of speech. The other Hasid should be a arrested, he
assaulted that yid. I'm not Satmar nor Neuturei karta. A person has no right to tell anyone what to think or say or protest. This isn't Hungary 100 years ago. This is not justice. You are totally wrong here. Another yid was humiliated and assaulted, and we rejoice over it. They have every right to protest regardless if we agree or not. These 2 Hassidim were humiliated in public. They were just doing what they were taught by their parents who were advocates of The Satmar Rebbe, Z"L. They are just a product of the Satmar Rebbe's z'l teachings. They were assaulted. They are products of The Rebbes teaching. We might not agree with Neuturei karta, and I do not. But they every right to speak against Zionism if they wish, and many Rebbes encourage this behavior. NOt justice at all, it was assault. DIN, this was an assault, not justice. Think outside of the box. DO NOT REJOICE WHEN ANOTHER YID IS ASSAULTED OR HUMILIATED. The 2 Hasidim were just passive protesters, not violent. We still live in America. Terrible.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the satmerers are the trailer trash among the jews ,the molesters are spawned by them the abusers theese mindless morons called the netureis are also an outcome of their sick perverted upbringing, what a shame on all the good jews theese misfits are.

Anonymous said...

#9,57, You're right, however these 2 shamed and made a chillul Hashem in public by the way they're dressed and what their message is. Publicly shaming the holy land and its people especially in the 9 days is disturbing and disgusting. America has nothing to do with it, it's the 9 Days! Are you allowed to use Ameirica to show hatred against another Jew in front of nonjews in public in the 9 Days? where's your logic.

Anonymous said...

MEIR,are you out of your mind are you really that clueless?
are you aware that after world war two,some jewish KAPO"S were beaten by the survivors to a pulp and some of them even killed (and rightfully so).
These Neturai Karta KAPO murderous bastards who openly side and encourage the murderous terrorist Arab organization in their bloody murderous war with our brothers and sisters in our holy land,and who openly support and encourage the bloody murderous regime in Iran who openly declare their ultimate goal is the annihilation of the jewish state and it's people,these bloody animals are a hundred times worse that the jewish KAPO'S 72 years ago,because at least we can understand why they did it,they were forced by their Nazi masters and had no choice in the matter,but these KAPO bloody animals of Neturai KARTA are doing it willingly and enthusiastically.

MEIR,let me ask you a simple question, if a Jewish person would go around all over the city in high crime areas and imploring and insisting and asking the local gangsters and criminals to go and murder your wife and all your children
because they deserve to die,what would you do? would you keep quiet and do nothing or would you go out and try to eliminate that bastard even if that might land you behind bars for the next 25 years.
This is exactly what these KAPO bloody murderous NK animals are doing,going around the whole world and encouraging our bloody enemies to murder our own brothers and sisters,shouldn't it be HALACHIKLY incumbent upon each and everyone of us to go out and eliminate these murderous vicious poisonous snakes even with the possibility of spending the rest of our lives behind bars.

Anonymous said...

YOU DUMB PEOPLE HAVE IT ALL WRONG. the kodosh harav hagoan reb zalman leib shlita is not supporting Israel or Chinuch atzmai,
this is a completely new network for french oilim to eretz yisroel to make sure they get proper chinuch and that they dont get the same fate the Yemenite kids got from the Zionists which caused almost all Yemenite children to assimulate. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Most of the satmerers are the offspring of nonjewish wifes that is why you see so many red haired blonds among them its a no brainer,so they have no claim to being decendents of 100 per cent jews,they are deceiving themslefs into beleiving something that is a tottal lie,that they are pure jews.

Harry said...

What if America has one rule but emes and yosher has another? Who do we follow? I am first a man and only second an American. Being a man consists of using sense and yosher. The Neturei Kartsa are arguably doing damage to the Jewish people and they might be in the category of rodfim, Not literally and halachically but to a certain degree, and it is a mitzva to stop them from making this statement supposedly in the name of ultra chassidishe Jews. And by the way, this is NOT the teahcing of the Satmer Rebbe Z"L. He clearly was against this.

Anonymous said...

You said "R' Zalman Leib back from vacation , and has nothing to do all day, came up with the following idea!
How about recruiting the naive R' Malkiel Kotler and the other naive Litvishe Roshei Yeshiva and make an Asifa ...... call it "achdus" ring the alarm to the unread, illiterate sheep, and warn them that the Zionists are about to Shmad all French Children.... and start a fundraising campaign, to save them "mamesh hatzalas ne'fashois"...."

That's absolutley not true...
take a look the kaliver rebbe made an asifa not Zalman Leib

Dusiznies said...

I stand by every single word I wrote ....

meir said...

I stand by everything I wrote. Nobody has a right to rip a sign from anyone. We are not the Taliban or ISIS. We live in a free country. A person who is strong in their beliefs need not be so threatened by another opinion that a sign needs to be pulled away. It just shows that your not a firm believer in what you believe. Two Hasidims holding signs is not a threat to Israel. Neturei Karta is not a threat to Israel. Be men and don't act like boys. It's too bad if your disturbed by another opinion. We do not live in Iran, Cuba or any other banana republic. Neturei karta has a right to their Wrong opinion. Stop being so so so upset. Grow up. There are many who wish DISIZNEIS would stop blogging, but he can and will. A PERSON HAS NO RIGHT TO STOP ANOTHER FROM PROTESTING. WE LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY. HERE IN THE USA, WE CAN CRITICIZE REBBES or different opinions. Grow up please. It was childish to pull a sign from anyone. I'm not Satmar nor NETUREI KARTA. BUT THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO THEIR OPINION INSPITE OF YOU. The SATMAR REBBE,Z"L had his opinion, and it should be respected. And many other Rabonim are anti ZIONISTS bEcause Zionism is anti religious. STOP BEING CRY BABIES and respect another's opinion. We can criticize Rebbes in this country, and we can criticize Zionism. GROW UP. You need not be so threatened by NETUREI KARTA. And still love ERETZ YISRAEL. Be respectful. Even if Neturei Karta are "RODFIM", what can you do about it? Go to Bet Din. And then what? We live a land of laws. This is why religion is so dangerous, and we need common sense. THIS HASID HAD NO RIGHT TO PULL A SIGN FROM ANYONE. By the way, the way NETURI KARTA dress is not an embarrassment because many of our very own Grandfathers dressed the same way.Do not be ashamed of your Grandfathers. Counter protest but do not pull a sign away. Stop the non sense. STOP ACTING LIKE BOYS. Big Deal, 2 Hasids protesting, a Rebbe was insulted. The World is ending. OYVEY. Do we worry so much when a child goes to bed hungry? Do we worry so much about the orphan and widow? Do we worry so much when your neighbor does not have a job? GROW UP. BABIES

Anonymous said...

Meir--You are right theese neturei misfits need to be commited into a lunatic asylem.

Important background info said...

The thing comes from the Kaliver Rebbe of Williamsburg (who is very sick now, R"L). Reb Zalman Leib got involved later.

Here is a piece by Jonathan Rosenblum in the new issue of Yoseid Neemon that tells all about it -