Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Hungarian Jews Don't Learn Daf Yoimi Because the Aguda Instituted it!" Der Blatt

Last week I had the unfortunate opportunity to read Der Blatt the Satmar Yiddish Newstrash associated with the Aroni faction.

I must be a glutton for punishment because I keep reading the hate printed by the Satmar vermin who keep hurling and spewing Loshon Hara on their fellow brothers and sisters!

But a letter to the editor caught my attention, because this letter was not written by the editors of this Nazi newstrash, ..... but by a reader.

I am posting this letter because the opinion of the writer is a reflection of how this fanatical barbaric sect thinks of other Holy Jews!

As a preface to my loose translation of the letter, I have to give you an historical overview of the genesis of the Daf Yoimi, so that you get a flavor of the sick mentality of these uncivilized barbarians!

The idea that  Jews throughout the world would finish Shas together  by  learning the Daf Yomi, a process that would have a seven year cycle, was first introduced at the First World Congress of the World Agudath Israel in Vienna  August 15 1923.

The Daf Yomi  proposal was made by Rabbi Meir Shapiro.  and it  required  that  Jews learn the same Daf (page) of Gemarrah no matter where in the world the Jew resided.

Rabbi Shapiro in a speech to the delegates said:

"What a great thing! A Jew travels by boat and takes gemara Berachot under his arm. He travels for 15 days from Eretz Yisrael to America, and each day he learns the daf. When he arrives in America, he enters a beis medrash in New York and finds Jews learning the very same daf that he studied on that day, and he gladly joins them. Another Jew leaves the States and travels to Brazil or Japan, and he first goes to the beis medrash, where he finds everyone learning the same daf that he himself learned that day. Could there be greater unity of hearts than this?["

Rabbi Shapiro's idea was enthusiastically accepted by the 600 delegates, including Gedoilie Yisroel from Europe and America...
In fact the Gerrer Rebbe, the Imrei Emes,  started learning the first daf publicly on the first day of Rosh Hashana September 11, 1923

So you ask, which frum Jew would not accept such a great idea...?
Which Jew would be against a proposal that would unify the entire frum community?

The Maskilim?

Guess again!

 Oh ..... yes yes yes ..... The Reform ....?
 Nope! Guess again!

The Zionists? 
Nope ... guess again! 
What ?????
Who would be against Jews learning Torah together? 
 Hey ... stop sounding like an owl!
 .... Give up?

The answer is .... that the one and only frum leader that was
against this idea was the Satmar Rebbe, R' Yoel Teitelbaum  and some other little Hungarian Rebbelich influenced by R'  Yoel!

There I said it!

Why was he against such a great innovative idea?

Because he didn't come up with the idea! That's why!
He would rather that the entire frum Jewish community be  fragmented then unified, even if the unification is thru Torah because it wasn't his idea!

His cockamamie answer was that the World Agudath Israel was a Zionist Organization ... but that wasn't even true then and is a bald faced lie!

Because at that time, in 1923, there wasn't even any mention
of a sovereign state in the minutes of the entire Congress!
And even  if you would say that the Aguda was sympathetic to the Zionists, so should we trash an idea that would have Jews learn and finish shas together?
And who would be learning the Daf????? HMMM?

Frum Jews .... no? 

The Satmar Rebbe said on numerous occasions and writes in his book "al ha'gilah" that the Zionists were the cause of the destruction of the 6 million Jews!

Well, I am coming up now with a novel approach....I say that Satmar is the cause of the murder and annihilation of 6 million Jews, because there was an opportunity in 1923 to have all frum Jews unified thru Torah and Reb Yoilish nixed it!

Here now is the letter to the editor:

 Loose translation

 Heading: Hungaian Jews and the Daf HaYoimi
In honor of "Der Blatt"
In light of the fact that certain honored congregations in [Chassidic and Oberlander]  courts like Belz, Visnitz, Square, Pupa and Veen, whose followers are by in large from Hungarian backgrounds..have instituted lately, their own Torah learning groups where they learn, review and are tested, it is worthy to mention again the special attribute of these groups that are following the customs of their Hungarian ancestors,  and also some whose ancestors were from Galicia and Russia, that totally ignored the Daf HaYoimi program instituted by the Agudas Yisroel!
B"H that we returned the crown to the old ways ... and we are sitting and learning in the ways of our ancestors and rabbis.

Guys you read that....?
Hey writer.... your ancestors were a bunch of amai ratzim.... you want to go to the ways of "your ancestors?" 


Anonymous said...

I don't think Lubavitch are fans of daf yomi either and possibly for the same reason.

Romanisher Ferd said...

This is a new low even for Der Fartt.

The Agudah were originally against Daf Yomi for silly reasons but when they saw it was going to be matzliach they came charging in all gung ho to take credit & rewrote the history for it, like a bunch of carpetbaggers.

Litvishe gedolim who were never part of or fond of the Agudah were against Daf Yomi but for practical reasons, not because who was or wasn't affiliated with it. Their tayna is that Litvishe bnei Torah can accomplish even more in learning so Daf Yomi in their case is a dumbing down.

Of course it's not to be expected that the Unterlander peasants would have such an intellectual reason to be opposed. Avadda Satmar comes with a silly primitive tribal reason to be opposed.

Dusiznies said...

True that Lubavitch are not Daf Yoimi fans, but they never opposed it ...just benign neglect! In fact in Landau's Shul on ave L, for years they had a Lubavitcher giving the Daf Yoimi, I also remember going to a daf Yoimi in Miami given by a Lubavitcher...
Also Lubavitch are doing other things like Candle Lighting and the Mitzvah Tanks to unify Jews...

Closest thing to Judaism said...

If only Chabad stuck to their mitzva tanks