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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Belz Chasid, Riki Ferster becomes a Weightlifter!

Three years ago, Riki Ferster was a Chassidishe girl in the Belz community. Today at 16 , she is a captain of a weightlifting club.
Riki went off the derech with her parents and 8 siblings!

Mee Ke'amcha Yisroel!


Joe Putz said...

I thought only Gerrers are built like that

Anonymous said...


The name is Ferster and it's a rachmonus on them all.

Anonymous said...

Mee Ke'amcha Yisroel!? Not this OTD!
Of course you're proud of this kind of "yisrael" which is the opposite of am "Yisroel"