Friday, March 3, 2023

Before the internet and before Leiby Kletzky there was a MURDER in 1986. The largest cover-up perpetrated by frum jews in the 20th century. The murderer is still free. WHY?


I have been in touch with Chaim's classmates in the last 24 hours, and if we keep up this momentum, we will be able to finally resolve this atrocity! (See side bar on the case)

The classmates have formed a chat and are anxious to get to the bottom of this. 

We need anyone who knows anything even if you think it is "nothing" to come forward, it might actually be part of a puzzle. 

We are also looking for Chaim's fellow summer campers, some believe that his last camp experience may very well be crucial to the case.

We are looking for people who can pressure Rabbi Avraham Cooper, who lives in Lakewood, to talk about his last private conversation with Chaim z"l, even though Cooper is elderly, he must talk and talk now. Asking people from Lakewood to give us info where Creepy Cooper davens. 

To my women readers: 

You are all, hopefully, mothers, and I'm asking you to find it in your hearts to help your sister, also a mother, who had her son brutally murdered. As mothers you can break this wall of silence. If your husband learned in Long Beach and is in his 50s, he may know something. If he went to camp with Chaim, Chaim may have confided with him some of his fears. 

This week will be Parshas Zachor! 

We must also remember that a Jewish child whose name means "life" was never given the chance to be a father. Was never given the opportunity to be a star amongst his Jewish brothers and sisters, but instead his neshama was mercilessly snuffed out by a murderer who is still enjoying his life!

For those familiar with the case, just know, the polish janitor has been ruled out of the equation. Also ruled out is the theory that it was an antisemitic incident! Also ruled out was robbery. 

All now agree that it was an inside job, perpetrated by a fellow classmate or a staff member. 

Meaning that this was done by a "Shomer Torah Umitzvois!. 

He must face justice, no matter his age, how big his beard is, or how big of a family he has or how long ago this happened! 

Please email 


Frum but normal said...

God bless you DIN, for keeping up the pressure and trying to find justice and closure for Chaim H'Y'D.
You must concentrate on that Cooper creep, this monster has the keys to this murder.

Anonymous said...

One thing I don't see anyone commenting on is the method used.

It seems like it was done by someone who knew what he was doing.

Maybe someone inside was behind it, or allowed the person into the building etc. but the manner in which it was done points to someone who knew how to kill, and likely did it more than once. It is highly doubtful that it was actually done by someone inside.

Lebidik Yankel said...

Please explain what the point is. The murderer is a fairly older man, by now, probably eaten with guilt. Putting him behind bars will accomplish what? What's the point?

Anonymous said...

Get in touch with Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg. He was working on this case and has lots of valuable information

Brisker Payois said...

Lebidik Yankel
You should call yourself "Toiteh Eisav"
So should we stop searching for Nazis because of "what's the point?"
The family of Chaim z"l want to know who killed their child? For no other reason this menuval should stand trial even if we have to drag him by his beard from a nursing home!

Anonymous said...

Toite Eisav
כל שנעשה רחמן על האכזרים, לסוף נעשה אכזר על רחמנים
Where did you get your education with your sick values???

Unknown said...

Reading all the details of this case, the obvious conclusion is; that this was a professional hit job. That being said it is very difficult, at this point, to uncover who hired the hitman. It does seem Cooper is hiding something, that being said, he does have a right to plead the 5th and not talk. This case has gone cold for a reason. It was a carefully hatched out murder, However, I do respect the efforts of anyone willing to help solve the case and bring closure to the family.

Joe Magdeburger said...

If this menuval were on his death bed, I would give a pint of my blood so he could live long enough to be torn to pieces by hungry pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you really want the $25000 reward .

Anonymous said...

Number one. Justice and closure for the parents of Chaim Weiss, who has been traumatized (and still is) for the last 36-37 years.

Number two: Is there a question of Mesira? It will ruin a Yeshiva. It will also ruin the murderer's family.

Number three. If a Jew finds out valuable information about this case, can that person who is going to expose entire the real facts (through the authorities) which will validate the new facts revealed to them by a Jew?

Please respond to the Blogger.

Simon P.

Anonymous said...

1.It is my understanding that Chaim was only one of two students who were assigned rooms with one single bed . Every other bedroom had multiple beds .

Does anyone know who was the person that did the assigning of rooms ? Is it possible to find out what was the circumstances that led to Chaim being chosen to get the single bed , room .

2.Because showering and cleaning up after such a bloody mess would be very hard to hide it makes sense that the murder left the building for the rest of Shabbos and yet was not missed by anyone .
It would point to either

A - someone who was asked not to return to the Yeshiva for the new Cheshvon zman which had started days earlier .(possibly after the "camp Horim incident" alluded to by Chaims parents )

B- It seems that the "older" students had either an off Shabbos or had not started the new zman yet . An older student could have returned to the Yeshiva done the deed and then returned back home , without anyone in the hanhala missing him .

The key to this case may simply be to compile a detailed list students in category A and B and thoroughly rechecking their supposed alibis .

PS There should be a beach shower station here on Lincoln Street a five minute walk from yeshiva , needs to be considered .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

By all accounts it was actually a frenzied vicious attack by far by someone who knew what they were doing, it was in a panic attack

Anonymous said...

Ohhh please, it was most definitely not a hit, it was a frenzied vicious attack by someone who panicked

Anonymous said...

Its all about cooper he knows and is taking it to his grave, you need a real rabbi with guts who wont backdown like rabbi eliyou on walder and we should protest in front of cooper house until he cooperates how dare he told mr weiss that its the weiss family fault and they are getting punished because they sued yeshiva that statement itself is nuts , how can in the name of the torah the rabbonim and community never really got involved but keep on saying the police did their work its a mystery are u kidding me when it comes to kashrus, mezuzas , tzinus, the rabonim go crazy and with a frum 15 year old murdered decapitated on shabbos in a yeshiva and rabbi cooper refuses to talk. The only way we solve this is if we all put pressure on cooper and detectives and demand answers. one thing for sure in our communities that there has been years of coverups on many things and the long beach police in 1986 could of easily been bribed as well for bubkas police and detectives are not the most honest . perhaps we need to raise money and hire an outside expert private investigation team , lets hire the best and do a go fund me page, this murder has bothered me daily .The DNA story makes no sense either its all one big coverup and not tzedek tzedek tieardof.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 My thoughts as person who has read about this case, and followed this case extensively. I am someone who is part of the frum world. I have worked extensively with children and teens with severe mental health behavior issues, and have had worked with many people who have found themselves in a psych ward or in a therapeutic school. I have worked with children’s and teens who do not have mental health challenges.

One of my degrees is in Behavioral Science.

I deal with human behavior for a living.

Using my experience, professionalism, & gut instincts this is what some of ny thoughts are on the matter ( I can be wrong):

*All the behaviors leading up to Chaim Weiss's death & the way he was killed tell me it was an inside job.

- The fact there was an issue at a summer camp, and his Rosh Yeshiva "insisted on talking with him"- something went down. Either Chaim saw something take place or something happened to him. And someone from the school or board may have tried to "cover it up or handel it internally". It may or may not have been molestation, inappropriate sexual behavior, inappropriate reading material, mental health secret, someone taking meds/drugs... Chaim had to have been a witness or unfortunately a victim.

It sounds to me from reading the case and from a psychological point of view. The "person or persons" were not happy with what Chaim knew/saw or found himself in the middle of.

Single dorm rooms are not common in a yeshiva. They must have promised Chaim a private room & will "deal with the person" if he doesn't expose what he saw or experienced. Or give it time while they got to the bottom of the issue.

It can be that the school may have been trying not to ruin someone's reputation for Shidduchim or from the family they came from. Perhaps they were engaged or had an innocent family at home.

The fact that there was no break in and only one way in, tells me someone who was there already had to have done it.

If it were teacher or principal it seems highly unlikely. Although anything is possible. Someone somewhere would have noticed something odd. It seems to be it was a student. Either one that had graduated, was still there or about to graduate.

If the student knew that Chaim was aware of xyz and was upset that he was "ratted on" there may have come a point where his anger or mental health issues came to the surface.

It is possible that this student was hiding in Chaim's room after the Seudah or crept in afterwards. There was a report from students who saw another boy open the door to Chaim's room.

I could be wrong but from the way Chaim's body was found. I don't thing the person may have intentionally tried to kill Chaim.I feel the person tried to "hurt him, & play a prank" to teach Chaim a lesson for exposing him. In his moment of rage the person took it too far.

As far as the candle with the window open for his Neshoma. It had to have been the killer who was may have been an older student, or a teacher/principal who felt guilty for what took place. A teacher or principal who knew what was going on with Chaim & knew what may have happened- a) couldn't believe it b) tried to protect this other student c) the murderer himself did it as way of "dealing with guilty conscience".

Anonymous said...

Part 2 Things that we & all of Chaim's classmates need to be thinking about:

- A list needs to be made up of all students who were in the Yeshiva the year Chaim was in, graduating, visiting, guests or perhaps any older Bochurim who may have come to visit the Yeshiva for that Shabbos.

- Cross reference any Yeshiva Bochurim & or staff/counselors, Rebbeim etc... that were in camp with Chaim and in the Long Beach Yeshiva. Those names will lead you closer to the killer or definitely a person of interest/people who were involved.

*No one goes from mad to killer in a matter of seconds. People who kill in their moment of rage, usually have a history with anger management issues, or getting into fights with other people.

*Someone who killed someone, unless they are a serial psychopathic cold blooded killer, their secret would have come out.

-- Everyone needs to think about anyone Chaim may have had any "beef" with.

--- Started to act out or strange.

----Someone who started to exhibit any extreme behaviors- yiddishkiet or any form of a lifestyle.

----- Someone who has trouble maintaining relationships.

------ Someone who had mental health challenges, and or anger management issues.

------- Someone who turned to drugs, alcohol, crime,rehab, and or inappropriate relationships.

---------All of Chaim's former yeshiva mates need to listen to their gut instincts. They need to think about someone who seemed a bit "off", not acting himself, had been suffering with emotional issues and trauma - which may be an indicator of the murder's way of dealing with the guilt.

***Important to Note***

Behavior,body language & speech style tells us everything about a person. Unless someone is a psychopath, most human beings at a certain point will break down or start exhibiting signs that they were involved in a crime somehow. The burden of what they have done is too much to carry alone. A persons body language and actions tell us everything. You just need to follow your instinct and know what to look for.

- To all of Chaim's classmates close your eyes, make yourself calm, and try and take yourself back to that fate fall day. Notice any details that you may have decided then are "not important" write them down. Write down who you know or may think would have done it. Even if you are scared and in disbelief.

Chaim's Neshomah & his family deserve answers!

Dusiznies said...

6:13 & 6:14
You sound like a guy we may need soon, so if you can email me your email address, I will put you in touch with some of his classmates and some of those who were in Yeshiva or with him from camp, that reached out to me.
Maybe we can all put our heads together an come up with a definitive plan. And, yes, we need to hire a private investigator who is not familiar with this case and give it a fresh look. Creepy Cooper can actually be the key! We need to pressure his family to get him to talk.

Mendel Epstein said...

Put an electric cattle prod to Cooper's baytzim & in 2 seconds the guy will know you mean business.

Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any rumor tips regarding the dorm counselors involved in any molestation of other students?Yeshiva dorms have a dangerous history of molestation from older bochrim dorm monitors and many victims go on to do the deed to new victims.

Dusiznies said...

Good point! We are looking into this very seriously. After Chaim's death, the classmates and the Hanhala ruled that out, but we are revisiting this aspect now, as we have some new information.

Anonymous said...

The yeshiva is a few blocks away. Did they check if anybody stayed there Friday night that could have come to the dorm and left unseen?

blondi said...

I would think that the murderer can be dead so therefore the person/people that know who it could be are just keeping quiet.

Anonymous said...

seems someone on the inside did it. Whether staff who were afraid the boy saw something and would repeat, or a kid who wanted to eliminate him bc he saw something or stood int he way of him in a world of competition (so check out the guys who came out supposedly as top boy in yeshiva). No mistake to be bashed in the head (wasn't that how it was done?) while sleeping. And then going to other rooms to check there were no witnesses and all was asleep. Don't forget the woman who said she waw a yeshiva boy on the boardwalk with a look of terror in his eyes signaling something was very wrong late that night. Also note-- yeshiva kids don't know much about mourning laws and death. So it would have been an elder person who put up the candle and opened window. Could have been an afterthought, or cold have been done by person who was perp.

Monitor who is checking out the story. People who create fires always come back to watch the building burn.

Anonymous said...

It's possible that a serious financial incentive may be whats needed to get a decisive tip .

With today's crowdfunding it could be very feasible to raise a half million dollars as long as its done legitimately in conjunction with the family and in conjunction with crime stoppers .

Many people including myself are haunted by this story even though we were children when this story occurred and learned of the story only as adults.

Proposed timeline . Three month fund raise . Three month period for tips collection .
If no decisive tip comes in by end of three month period money goes to the family .

I pledge first thousand dollars .

Anonymous said...

According to some reports the murder left a single strand of hair at the scene .

Until recently it was impossible to extract a DNA sample from a hair especially if it was rootless .
However there is new technology by "Astrea Forensics" that can build a DNA profile from a rootless hair .

Here is an example of a 40 year old case being solved with their technology.

If anyone has access to the Weiss family and/or Nassau County police , please bring this to their attention .

Once a profile is extracted and built a match can be found using genetic genealogy sites , or having all former students of that time voluntarily submit DNA samples .

Long Beach Robot said...

Yeah yeah sure. DIN is just trying to wipe the smile off Respler's face because he's jealous

Anonymous said...

Attention Mr. DIN:

Please provide uson how we can join the class group. The Name of the administer and name.

Thank you.
So, this way we can collect all information, that we know of in one location.

Dusiznies said...

I am working on it

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you rule out the janitor. on that reddit chat, a friend of Chaim, discussed how there was a janitor with violent tendencies and how the boys including Chaim would as they say in yeshiva "raitz him un" He definitely would be one with a motive to murder Chaim in a violent rage. His alibis sounded very shaky.

There have been very few cases of orthodox murderers - the Kletzky murderer was a severely disturbed individual, let alone an orthodox high school boy committing such a brutal act.

the boy would have had to spend the rest of that shabbos totally cool and calm without giving it away - he also would have had to discard his clothes, dispose of the murder weapon, make sure he didnt leave any fingerprints, pass a lie detector test.

Unless he is a psychopath, there is no way he would have managed that. You would think that if he's that crazy, other kids would have suspected him...

I am not ruling it out, just saying that it is much more salacious to pin it on a classmate or staff member when it may have been a janitor fueled by rage at being made fun of and BEING FIRED A a short time before.

Let's be objective.