Monday, January 10, 2022

How a Rav and Poisik in the Chareidie Extremist movement and a father of 6 went off the derech

Unless the Chareidie movement starts changing rapidly, this will be the beginning of the end! Sorry the interviews is in Hebrew


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Anonymous said...

actually if he left those insane Yerushalmi extremist's, he is not OFF the derech, but is actually ON the derech.
He is living a normal life,he goes to work everyday he supports himself and his family, he knows how to interact normally with the rest of humanity.
He most probably fulfils his obligation in helping to defend his country and his family by serving milluim in the IDF
He most probably got himself an education which he never got while being a member in that insane asylum of ignorant savages.
Yes, unfortunately he is not anymore a SHOMER TORAH UMITZVOS, but at least he lives and acts like a normal human being, he got his humanity back.
When you live a normal life then TORAH UMITZVOS have a meaning and a purpose,if not then your whole YISISHKEIT is worth an OISGEBLUZENE AYER.

Shalom said...

A real man doesn't abandon his family