Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Ari Teitelbaum the music guy outed as a sexual predator ...


Ari with singers Shapiro and Leiner

" I know some are going to say “but maybe he did teshuva! How do you know he’s still doing this?”  

"He knows who his alleged victims are. He’s made no attempt to atone for the irreversible harm he’s caused them. Given those facts, we must assume he’s still dangerous."

His alleged abuse has been public knowledge since at least 2015, when he was added to the Wall of Shame of Jewish Community Watch, a now-defunct organization raising awareness about abusers. This was not common knowledge however until May 2021, when the recording was shared. 


anonymous said...

This recording is well known to have been strongly edited to make it sound as if he's admitting guilt. This was all designed by someone who had a personal vendetta against Teitelbaum and cowed to bring him down. R' Ronnie Greenwald was involved and absolved Teitelbaum of all guilt.

Anonymous said...

R' Ronnie Greenwald z"l covered up for many molesters including Heshy Nussbaum and Mordechai Tendler...

Anonymous said...

January 4, 2022 at 6:24 PM

Welcome to some more "NON" Loshon Horah.

Thank you for being 'mezakeh' us with such a great GREAT Mitzvah.

You should be Gebenched forever.


Anonymous said...

When an OU official publicly outed Phil "Shmiras Ainayim" Rosenthal as a serial adulterer-molester, angry that it was being covered up by his alma mater Ner Yisroel, rabbonei Monsey, and the Agudah, Ronnie Greenwald complained in an interview with 5 Towns Jewish Slimes, that Phil should not have been outed.

(The outing was not a sanctioned OU action. The official probably got in trouble and was not working for the OU much longer after that)

Frankels Shul Felon said...

These Teitelbaums are Satmar bums from Willy. "Aarrron" has a younger brother, Lipa or "Leo", who for years was an all night street urchin in Amnon's Pizza & 13th Ave in general.

Leo was locked up twice by the Feds, once for black marketing law enforcement badges and once for the same immigration visa scam run by a Strettiner eynikel that Heshy Tischler was arrested for.

Leo's ex-shver is one heck of a crazy alter Munkatcher Tuna Beigel of a child molester who once hid out in Florida while the Rebbe fixed things so that he didn't get arrested. This molester, known as "Pootchie", originally from Frankel's Flatbush & who later threw Rav Schlesinger out of Rubinstein's shul in Monsey, is also infamous for being a non-stop baal machloikes, numerous bankruptcies & ripping off members of the 47th St Diamond Club.

Emes LeYaakov said...

BIG mistake. This Teitelbaum has NOTHING to do with the Satmar family