Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Schumer Trying To Bring Jewish Baby to USA To Save Her Life


You’ve probably seen the ads. You may have even helped in the past. But Alta’s life is not yet saved, as the British government is still trying to take her off life support and end her life.

On Friday, the Fixsler family tried to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom to save their baby’s life. Senator Chuck Schumer, the highest ranking Jew in the United States, is getting involved. “My heart breaks for the Fixsler family,” Schumer told The NY Post, in the exposé The Post wrote about the overall situation.

Alta’s life is hanging by a thread. The British government is madly trying everything they can to take her off life support, instead of giving the Fixsler family the ability to take Alta to anywhere else in the world. Many other countries would be fine with taking care of Alta long term, but in the United Kingdom, they want to pull the plug.

While Alta and her family are pouring everything they can into saving her life, the legal fees continue to mount. They are fighting a legal battle against a legal system that has infinite funds at its disposal, which means that the battle for Alta’s life can be won or lost based on their ability to continue paying their legal team. DONATE NOW!

A life in the balance for something as simple as money! We need you! We need you to give of your heart, your mind, your wallet, to help make sure that this disastrous outcome never comes to be! We need more funds to continue waging a legal battle against the British government, and every Jew must get involved to save this Jewish girl’s life!

Please donate generously to help with the legal fees. In the merit of your help, may Hashem give your family health, happiness and all that comes with it.


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