Thursday, July 22, 2021

Israeli TV Features Chassidishe Rebbelich on Vacation in the fanciest resorts ...Who's Paying?

They couldn't find places in Eretz Yisrael !

I wonder what Moishe Rabbeinu is saying looking down and watching this....he was denied entry to Eretz Yisrael, but the rebbelich live there and escape the first chance they get...


Zako said...

Motse shem ra and rechilus... and this is what TV is best designed for.
1. Why should anyone be less entitled to go on vacation than anyone else ?
2. Stop moaning. All this is done with private money, it does not affect your taxes.
3. For decades, if not more, Rebbes have been going on summer vacation where local US or European chasidim can go visit them, rather than having thousands of followers flying to the Rebbe's office.

Dusiznies said...

You are mistaken. The Gedoilim that used to go on vacation pre WW2 all lived in Europe.
Gedoilim living in Eretz Yisrael never left for vacation outside Eretz Yisrael and leaving Eretz Yisrael is actually against halacha.
This leaving EY actually sets a very bad example., and why would "gedoilim"from Eretz Yisrael go to the Jewish blood soaked Europe? Didn't the Europeans destroy Jewish life in Bobov, Stropkov, Ger, Satmar, Kloizenberg, Lubavitch, Mir, Volozin, Stolin, Barditchiv, etc...
The Amshiniver Rebbe stayed home and so do all Litvishei Roshei Yeshiva that live in EY...

Zako said...

To DIN 6:32

Interestingly enough, the late Gerrer Rebbe the Lev Simcho zt"l did travel to Europe for summer vacation, and he was not the only one.
Leaving Eretz Ysroel is absolutely not against the halacha when it's for zikuy horabim, kiruv, private or public simchos & events, therapy, davening on kivrei tzadikim, etc. So they perfectly know what they are doing, even when TV kackerz think the opposite.

And keep in mind that "Jewish blood-soaked Europe" still holds plenty heilige kehilos & batei midrashim. You can come anytime and check.

Dusiznies said...

Exactly ... the Lev Simcha went on vacation to Europe..that is exactly the point of the "TV kacherz"
It's the Chassidishe Rebbes that went and still go ... the Litvishe don't go ..
I disagree with you about the kevarim... I don't think anyone should go to Europe to daven at the European kevarim. We don't have enough kevarim here in Israel? Why would someone want to support the Ukrainians, the Poles etc ... why?
I am of the opinion that they should bring R' Nachman to Israel ..The Ukrainians won't allow it, why? $$$$$'s
My father z"l who lost a wife and children in the Shoah always said that he would never set his feet on European soil ...not even to visit Aushwich....
This Davening at the Kevarim in Europe is a sickness perpetuated by the Chassidishe Rebbelich.. It should be condemned and stopped ASAP any Jew Jew privately paying for these insane trips is going to have to give Din Ve'Cheshbon...
R' Shayele Krastirer and the Baal Shem Tov and R' elimelech of Lezensk don't want anyone leaving Israel and visiting them on Jewish Blood Soaked Land ..Nope!
I'm also against rebuilding European Shuls and Yeshivas.. why would anyone want to go to these empty shuls? Why? The goyim don't want us there...
Im against the Lakewood Kollel in Germany.. Why is anyone learning in Germany, the Avi Avos Ha'Tumah?
what for?Germany should have a Zchus of Torah? How sick and demented is that?
No rebbe or Jew should ever go back there!
Gut Shabbos Nachmi