Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Princess Diana's niece 30 marries Jewish fashion mogul 62


Lady Kitty Spencer, an English fashion model and niece of Princess Diana, married her long-time beau, Michael Lewis, in Italy over the weekend.

The wedding was held at the Villa Aldobrandini near Rome Saturday, with an extravagant ceremony, almost a year and a half after the couple announced their engagement in early 2020. As early as June 2019, Spencer had been photographed wearing an engagement ring purchased by Lewis.

Lewis, 62, was previously married and has three children from his first marriage. Lewis married his first wife, Leola, in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony in 1985, before He has been chairman of the Foschini Group, a South African clothing retail group, for the past six years. His father, Stanley Lewis, bought a controlling share of the group in the 1980s.

Spencer, 30, the daughter of Charles Spencer – the 9th Earl Spencer and brother of Princess Diana – was reportedly preparing to convert to Judaism ahead of her marriage to Lewis. While sources cited by the Sunday Times in 2020 said Spencer was receiving ‘religious instruction’ ahead of her wedding, it is unclear whether she underwent a conversion prior to her marriage.

Spencer has been photographed attending the synagogue Lewis is affiliated with.

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