Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Eric Adams declares war on the "Little Socialist" AOC


Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams declared his opposition to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist “movement” — which includes defunding the police and shuttering prisons — during a fundraiser co-hosted by a Republican member of the City Council, The Post has learned.

A video recording of Adams’ speech shows him telling supporters that the battle he faced wasn’t with his political rivals in the Nov. 2 election, but with the Democratic Socialists of America.

“I’m no longer running against candidates. I’m running against a movement. All across the country, the DSA socialists are mobilizing to stop Eric Adams,” he said.

“They realize that if I’m successful, we’re going to start the process of regaining control of our cities.”

The remarks sparked cheers and applause from attendees at the Monday night event in Douglaston, Queens.

Although Adams — a former NYPD captain whose campaign hinges on restoring public safety — didn’t mention Ocasio-Cortez (D-The Bronx, Queens) by name, the DSA openly acknowledges her as its “foremost socialist superstar.”

page on its website — which shows Ocasio-Cortez marching with a raised fist — also says she “inspired up to 10,000 people to join” the nonprofit organization.

Adams’ speech came less than two weeks after a news conference at which he said he wanted to reclaim the mantle of “being progressive” from Democrats who “hijacked” it but “do not have a track record of putting in place real progressive changes.”

On Monday, Adams — a former state senator and Brooklyn’s outgoing borough president — told donors that he wanted to transcend partisan politics and that he was seeking votes from New Yorkers regardless of party affiliation.

“We’re not going to let parties get in the way of this party called New York City,” he said.

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