Thursday, July 22, 2021

Chareidim Made To Wait In Heat For Public Transportation Due To Muslim Holiday ... but still protest the "light Rail"


Yesterday I was in Yerushalyim all day, guess what? There weren't any protests against the Light Rail ....I was wondering what happened, I noticed that the Light Rail was unusually crowded with Chareidim...

I also noticed that there were crowds waiting for the buses.... I found out that the Arabs driving the  buses were in shul Davening and didn't come to work. The Light Rail also has Arabs operating the train, but it only requires one operator to transport hundreds of people.

Did the Chareidim learn a lesson now, that the new Light Rail will be a bracha for them? 


Hundreds of Chareidim who are dependent on public transportation were made to wait in the sweltering heat of the city of Modi’in Illit on Tuesday, due to a lack of busses caused by the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. At bus stops across the Chareidi city, located in the western part of the Binyamin region of Samaria, hundreds of people were waiting in almost 100-degree heat for hours for a bus.

“There are people waiting here with small children,” said one angry commuter told the BeChadrei Charedim news site. “Women and children were melting in this very strong sun and high heat. Just yesterday, a Chassidic man suffered from heatstroke in the city. I think two or three times before I leave my house. When I see hundreds of people in the streets waiting for busses, who are helpless and just want to get home or get to work on these sweltering streets, it makes me angry. I don’t understand why they didn’t bring more busses and drivers.”

The bus agency who provides service for the city, Kavim issued a statement in response to the many complaints they received: “The Transportation Ministry, as well as all of the transportation providers, issued a notice well in advance of the holiday notifying people that since thousands of bus drivers will be missing work today, service would be much slower and busses would be infrequent. We also announced that all Bein Hazmanim schedules would begin only on Friday and that the public was asked to make plans accordingly. The directors of Kavim in the city reported that it was expected that the request for service would be the same as a regular day and that they were able to enlist the help of alternate drivers to fulfill the requirements by enlisting subcontractors. Kavim will continue to do everything it can to meet the demands of the public which it serves.”

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