Thursday, July 29, 2021

How the "Medina shel Chesed" England Was Directly Responsible for the Chevron Massacre in 1929


This is a great history lesson for those ignoramuses and haters of the early Zionists with their false narratives of why the Arabs decided to murder innocent Jewish people in Chevron in 1929.

Listen how the Zionists put their lives on the line capturing Latrun which had to be taken in order for the Yishuv to have safe passage from Tel Aviv to Yerushalayim 

Arabs didn't massacre Jews because of the Zionists, they didn't murder Jews because of land, they murdered and continue to murder Jews because they hate Jews... 

New Information Emerges About the Hevron 1929 Massacre

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

They could have been saved.  
Apparently, information about the unprovoked murder spree against the Jewish residents of Hevron, including the relocated Slabodka Yeshiva, had reached Jerusalem on the fateful day itself.

Mr. Harbater, a wealthy American who lived in the Kiryat Moshe section of Jerusalem, had begged the British to start a convoy toward Hevron in order to stop the carnage and to save the critically wounded.  He offered to pay for the expenses involved in arranging such a convoy.  The British refused.

All this has been revealed in an interview with Mr. Michael Harbater, the son of Hevron survivor, Rabbi Moshe Harbater.  Rabbi Harbater subsequently went to study in the Mir Yeshiva in Poland and received smicha from Rabbi Eliezer Yudel Finkel zt”l, the Mir Rosh Yeshiva.

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