Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Chareidie MKs in Knesset Fighting Against Removing Rabbanute Hashgacha but they themselves won't eat from this hashgacha


 Crazy Israeli politics... when I made aliyah almost 4 years ago, all my friends told me that they eat only "Badatz" or "Beit Yoisef" but never anything that that has a Rabbanute Hechsher, because it is not at all reliable 

I subsequently found out that practically all mashgichim from the Rabbanute are Chareidim  are "erliche yiddin" ....and this business of bad mouthing Rabbaanute Hechsheirim is pure Loshon Hara, and being "moitzeh shem ra" 

Most "treif" scandles in the food industry in Israel, are not from the Rabbanute but from the Eida Hachreidis as we posted many times on this site. When the Rabbanute finds a product that they certified kosher and then  find out that there is a problem with the product, they immediately make a public announcement and recall the product. Not so with the Eida Hachreidis, they will cover up and only announce it when it gets out on social media. 

So the commentator in the above video finds it ironic that the frum MKs are all fighting for the Rabbanute Hashgacha, and fighting to keep the Reform hashgachas out, when they themselves would not touch any product even a glass of water that has a  Rabbanute Hechser! 

So he is questioning.... why is it ok for them not to trust the Rabbanute, but ok for the regular Joe Shmoe to eat from a Rabbanute Hechsher? 
Is it Kosher or not? 
One of the MK's questioned on the video says that the normal Israeli wants a "genuine Hechsher" like the Rabbanute, and not a "false hechsher" like the Reform Hashgacha, but he himself wouldn't drink a glass of water that has a Rabbanute Hechsher.
The MK comments that he chooses to use a "more chumre" hashgacha like the "badatz". 
So the commentator wants to know, "why is it ok for the MK to "choose" a Hashgacha but not ok for the regular Jew to "choose" which hashgacha he wants even if its reform...

Lesson learned!
Now, Im personally against having the "reform" having an hashgacha company in Israel,but when you spread rumors that the "Rabbanute Hechsher" which is an excellant hashgacha but doesn't follow all the "chumrois" , is no good  it will come back to bite your fat derrière. 

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Bait Yoisaif?? What hashgacha is that?