Thursday, July 29, 2021

Look at the Plane & Pilot that killed the 3 Bochrim and a clip of the plane seconds before it crashed


The Pilot and his plane 

Eliezer Brill before boarding doomed plane 


Yanki L. said...

It may not have been suitable for 4 passengers

Anonymous said...

Yanki, maybe. Or bad idea to do aerobatics with tourists.

Zako said...

This little aircraft is absolutely not designed for stunt, and no sane pilot would perform stunts with three passengers onboard. Stunts are not allowed without a special pilot license, must always be pre-declared before each stunt flight, and are restricted to certain areas only, far from housings & populated zones.
But seems like Ukrain is still deeply stuck in communism.

lessor said...

People going on this like it's an amusement park ride. Unbelievable.