Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shan and Toad responds to why they offer refunds worldwide — except Brooklyn, Monsey, and Monroe in NY; and Lakewood and Passaic in NJ

Hey guys..... remember when we posted an article about Shan & Toad, a children's clothing Website that  refused to give cash refunds to people residing in frum communities? 

Well ... sit down for this ....
Turns out that the owner of the website is a frum lady from Los Angeles, a mother of 5 children!
She had no choice but to institute this drastic policy because the frummies were taking advantage of her and almost put her out of business....

You see, Frummies average 8-12 children per family, so the Frum Chachumim balabustes, thinking they were dealing with some hicks from Montana, would order 10 articles of clothing, and then ship it back in crappy condition for a full cash refund, sometimes  weeks and months later. 

Meanwhile the Website couldn't sell those outfits to others ...
Is this Yoisher? .... hey Passaic & Lakewood Tzaddikim, yeh the guys with the long beards this what they taught in in Ohr Samaich and in BMG?
Read the following from the JTA!
A high-end children’s clothing shop is facing a bit of a scandal — and not for its steep prices or frivolous sartorial designs.
Shan and Toad, an online store that carries brands like Kenzo, Little Mark Jacobs and Gaultier Junior, is facing criticism for its very specific return policy.

The company — which “aims to please!” according to its website — issues refunds for non-sale items ordered from customers anywhere in the world.
Well, anywhere in the world except five US locations: Brooklyn, NY; Monsey, NY; Monroe, NY; Lakewood, NJ and Passaic, NJ.
Are you scratching your head as to what these five places have in common? Well, to some, it was alarmingly obvious: All five cities have an overwhelming presence of Orthodox Jews.
So is Shan and Toad’s return policy discriminatory?
Refund policy for Shan and Toad
Refund policy for Shan and Toad
Maybe yes — but maybe not.
Yes, it’s possible that this policy discriminates against a certain demographic. According to a 2000 US census, 40 percent of Monsey’s population speaks Yiddish at home and over half of population of Lakewood, home to one of the largest Haredi yeshivas in the world, is Jewish.
But it’s also possible that it discriminates against shopping habits of residents of those areas — and that there is an excessive amount of returns from these zip codes. As one reporter, Judi Franco of New Jersey Radio 101.5, put it, the return policy is discriminatory, but “not against Jews — against people who return too much!”
As of press time, we don’t know for sure. Shan and Toad did not respond to multiple phone and e-mail requests for comments on Wednesday.
Even if the shop’s prices may be criminally expensive — take for example this $1,085 cape dress — its two-tiered return policy is not illegal in either NJ or NY, which stipulate that businesses must post a clear return policy on their websites, but does not put any limitations on these policies.
Perhaps surprisingly, the owner of Shan and Toad, Shana Laub, is herself an Orthodox Jew and a mother of five girls.
The contact number on the company’s web site has a California area code, though some outlets erroneously reported the store is based in Israel — where, by the way, almost all clothing stores do not offer refunds, only store credit.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with Mrs. Laub. I think it's an unadulterated chutzpah that "inzere yeedelech" have that they don't even think that this is pure theft. This is the same reason why Walmart in Monticello won't take returns from us anymore. It's apalling that yeshivas do not teach basic halachos and midos and that such thievery is permitted.

Fred said...

What difference is there if the owner is a Jew- religious or not, a hick from Montana, a black South African with a southern accent, or a Japanese transvestite?

If a certain geographic population has statistically demonstrated that they are abusing the company's return policy, then the company has the right to make special rules against the abuse. The company has no obligation to lose money because a customer is unethical- and that must have been the case on a widespread basis in the communities that are listed. I used to live in Passiac and it's a disgrace that they made the hit list, but free markets and free enterprise work in both directions. If the frummies don't like it, let them shop elsewhere and sucker other companies into accepting their abusive purchasing habits.

Although I've never seen it, I was told that the heylighe Wallmart up in the Catskills receives zillions of airconditioners that are purchased at the beginning of the season and returned at the end of summer by religious yidden. Ok, if store policy allows this, then so be it; but is that type of behavior both kosher and yosher? I think not- it's a chillul hashem in my eyes.

jancsibacsi said...

I knew about this for years my neighbor is doing it, at first i could not beleive it but now i beleive it 100 per cent i wont go into details but it looks like its widespread in the frummie world, very widespeard since we see it here before our eyes

Vos zogt DIN? said...

How is it possible that the self-hating fat katchka Ellen Jaffee won the primary by almost 3000 votes? I thought the chassidishe are mostly registered Democrats?

Miss Manners said...

There is no single demographic in any of those towns except KJ.

For years now, Lakewood has a very large heimishe & chassidishe population that never stepped foot in BMG. For years they have been moving there from Brooklyn looking for cheap housing stock. There is also a bummy "yeshivish" element moving there for the same reason. They had to make new schools for the bummy element because the existing schools didn't want those mishpochos when they saw how the mothers dress.

You would not recognize the Passaic you knew years ago. BTs have swamped the place. There is even a sizeable group of Chabad Meshichist.

Yoeli said...

Must be the Zionists from the Conservative temple in Monroe.

Jonathan Swift said...

Even worse than this is Oorah owner "Yahoo" Mintz. He has the nerve to call companies that they should loan him items to use at his heavy foot traffic camps & hotels that he owns in Upstate NY. When they tell him he has chutzpah & should go fly a kite, he uses trickery to steal it. He is no stranger to theft. Court dockets in NY-NJ are full of cases where he first refused to listen to psak beis din against him. Once he needed expensive high end black furnishings for a themed weekend. After the manufacturer refused to loan them, he tricked a Boro Park store into shipping them Upstate. He is a bad liar so his story after the weekend that they were "defective" made zero sense. So then he took out a hammer & smashed them instead. He was mafsid the parties in that fiasco about $20,000.

Ask around how Mintz stole $300,000 from Marvin Schick, and then ignored the beis din & even the court judgement against him.

How does the heilig Mashgiach Ruchni of MTJ Staten Island still back his sick, thieving son Yahoo?

The NY Attorney General also went after Yahoo for using a bunch of Mexicans for 10 days of slave labor with zero salary paid to them.

Simple Definition of yahoo
: a person who is very rude, loud, or stupid

Full Definition of yahoo
plural yahoos
capitalized : a member of a race of brutes in Swift's Gulliver's Travels who have the form and all the vices of humans
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It's apalling that yeshivas do not teach basic halachos and midos and that such thievery is permitted
LOL,LOL, Are you for real are you kidding us? the yeshivah's are the biggest thieves they are ripping of the government with hundreds of millions each and every year

Anonymous said...

Do you need some Pepto bismal?

Anonymous said...

So are they responding to the complaints or not? The title says they are but the article says that they are not!