Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ABC Show "The View" Says that the Bombings in NYC was "NOT TERRORISM"

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The moronic, disgusting hags on ABC News’ “The View,”  including Queen (or in her case, King) hag Caryn Elaine Johnson a/k/a “Whoopi Goldberg,” lectured America that this Bombing is “NOT TERRORISM!” 
Yeah, it “isn’t terrorism” as much as “you’re sexy,” Whoopi.
The one dissenter was the hideous faux-conservative, faux-libertarian, FOX-News-spawned Jedediah Bila, who agreed that it is “wrong” to call it “Islamic terrorism,” but insisted it be called terrorism.
What difference does it make if you’re not going to acknowledge who did it. 
Then, this moron, Bila, went on to praise Goldberg for her new reality TV show about a transgender modeling agency. “Whoopi, I’m so glad you’re doing this show,” declared Bila, “because you know who needs to see this? The people in Middle America need to see this show.” 
Um, here’s a tip, you arrogant, elitist dummy with a pretentious male name, Jedediah: 
We in Middle America don’t need to see a transgender modeling show. We’re quite informed, and our values don’t need to be imposed upon by sheltered, self-important, faux-indignant New York idiots. 
Do your transgender modeling reality show in Kabul or Riyadh or Raqqa or Tehran, and then talk to me about who needs to see it . . . if you still have a head (though it would be no loss if you lost it). 
You moronic women on a dumb, vapid TV show need to see an endless loop of a more worthy reality show: people being beheaded, thrown off buildings, and burned alive in cages by Muslims.
By the way, Mark Levin–who whines endlessly about Trump not being conservative–gushes ceaselessly over this arrogant liberal, Bila (whom he’s repeatedly had on his screechy hypocritical radio show), pretending she’s some sort of conservative or libertarian. 
She is neither. She is, however, brainless.
Yeah, that’s how we deal with Islamic murderers in our midst: by denying Muslims did it or that they are Muslims . . . 
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it zillions more times I’m sure: these men who attacked Americans and tried to murder them are not radical Islamists or even Islamists. Nor are they radical Muslims. They are not crazy. They are not mentally ill. They are just Muslims following basic, mainstream Islamic law.
They are not extremists. They are just Muslims–adherents of a “religion” which is inherently and by definition extreme. The more of them we bring in and the more who are born to those we’ve already brought in, the more of this we’ll get. 
“Vetting” would not have kept Rahami out of this country. Ditto for Adan. Only a strict policy of refusing entry to Muslims would have. And we don’t have the guts or the will to do it. Not even Donald Trump, despite this being one of 26 of his ever-changing positions on immigration in the last 13 months.
This is the “new normal,” because we ridiculed and ridicule people who think like me. And because we have idiotic hags like the “women” of “The View” and Barack Obama looked upon as actually saying something of worth and authority.
It’s Islam, Stupid.
 Remember the latest meat-cleaver-wielder who attacked police last week and was caught? 
That story has already disappeared into the ether, even though he, too, is a Muslim–a Palestinian Muslim named Akram Joudeh. 
You have to ask why this guy–who was arrested at least 15 times and was caught with knives outside a New York synagogue he was planning to attack–was on the streets to perpetrate an attack on police. And, why, yet again, nobody points out that he’s a Muslim in our midst attacking innocents.
But we know why. It’s a whole lot of politically correct BS, where you can’t call a spade a spade or a terrorist a Muslim.


Anonymous said...

Following the lead of Barack Hussein Obumbum, Bill de Blahhsio is lying about every detail of the Elizabeth NJ terrorist.

First de Blahhsio instructed his puppet NYPD spokesman to say the terrorist had 3 previous "minor" run ins with authorities, "mostly" involving vehicular moving violations. While traffic tickets indeed were 2 of the 3 cases, they were covering up that the 3rd case was being jailed for STABBING HIS OWN SISTER. It's not clear why he stabbed his sister but there have been many cases of Arab girls in America dating Black men who are not Muslim which inspires their parents & siblings to murder the girl to stop the relationship.

Next de Blahhsio falsely claimed there is no foreign terrorist org involved despite that the terrorist trained in camps in Afghanistan & Pakki-stan.

Then de Blahhsio falsely claimed no one else was involved. The terrorist's wife fled right before the attacks to Pakki-stan but was arrested en route in UAE. It is also suspected that others both locally & abroad helped him. Even Cuomo admits there was help from overseas.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting regarding the smelly Somali terrorist who stabbed 9 mall shoppers in Minnesota, that even Obumbum called him a terrorist (still no mention of Islam of course) while Hillary refused to call him a terrorist.

Hillary of course doesn't want to blamed for Bill Clinton dumping 50,000 smelly Somalis in that State. So why is Obumbum going lechumra? Probably because he is a Kenyan Muslim. Kenyans cannot stand their next door neighbors in Somalia, hence the rare exception from Obumbum.

Anonymous said...

DIN! Who wrote this excellent article? Why don't you have links if you copy someone's article?

Collard greens said...

The Elizabeth terrorists own a fried chicken joint which is a favorite food of African-Americans, probably even more favored than watermelon.

Because the customers were creating a public nuisance by hanging out after fressing to lick their greasy fingers, make a ruckuss & pee on the lawns of neighbors until the wee hours of the morning, the City ordered the joint closed every night at 10 pm. The terrorist's brother was arrested one night for trying to physically obstruct the police enforcing the curfew. The terrorists then sued the City & the Mayor for anti-Muslim "discrimination".

Col. Sanders said...

I heard that Sharpton was just about to sue KFC for overcharging the Brothas on fried chicken, but Obama & de Blasio asked him to hold back because it will make the Arabs in Elizabeth look bad.

Anonomus said...

Without a doubt they're right. Whoopi Goldberg isn't Jewish in spite of her calling herself Goldberg, and a terrorist shouldn't be called a terrorist just because he is one.

Besides, isn't there some video or something that caused this Muslim to spontaneously respond to the denigration of his faith?

So let's not rush to judgement here, OK? Muslim lives matter.

A religion of peace said...

Sometime after Sept 11th there was a 14 year old kid named "Bishop" who was originally planning to fly a plane into the Superbowl but settled instead on a Florida office building. Thankfully, the plane he stole killed only him and no one else.

The left wing media even pre-Obama covered up at the time that the family are Arabs named Bishara who changed their name to "Bishop"


More recently an Arab savage named Harrouff, yes Harrouff is an Arab name, murdered people by slicing them apart & eating their faces. One of the victims who was Jewish was the daughter of North Miami Beach's former Mayor.