Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ezra Friedlander (kapo) Defends Anti-Israel Tim Kaine

Ezra "The Kapo" tuchelekking Tim Kaine 

The Jewish back stabbing kapo, Ezra Friedlander, the whore, is at it again, supporting only those who wish to destroy Israel and has written an op-ed in the Yeshiva World Blog basically asking Jews to look at Tim Kaine's record on Jewish issues.

Why the mamzeirim  at Yeshiva World Blog would air his arrogant condescending "op-ed" is beyond anyone's understanding .... maybe he slips them $$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

Tim Kaine does not take pro-Israel positions, and has shown support for organizations connected to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood! 

But Ezra the Kapo doesn't care!

Tim Kaine is the darling of the anti-Israel organization J-Street! J-Street endorsed Kaine's 2012 run for the Senate. J-Street donated $133,382 to his campaign and was the second largest donor 

But Ezra the Kapo doesn't care!

Tim Kaine was one of the first Democrats to announce he was boycotting Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress!  Kaine was one of only 8 Democratic Party senators who boycotted the speech vs 36 that attended.

But Ezra the Kapo doesn't care!

Kaine was an effusive supporter of the awful dangerous P5+1 Iran deal which basically handed Iran nuclear weapons. 

But Ezra the Kapo doesn't care!

As Governor he appointed Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam Omeish to the sate's immigration commission. In 2008 court filings, MAS was outed as part of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Video tape surfaced in 2000  where Omeish pledged to help Palestinians who understand "the jihad way is the way to liberate your land."
After Omeish Islamist ties became public and he was forced to resign, an anti-terror Muslim organization called The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) scolded Kaine's lack of vetting.

But Ezra the Kapo doesn't care!

In 2011, Kaine spoke at an event at which the founder of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, Jamal Barzinji was given a Lifetime Achievement award, by the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Readers, I beg you to call this money grubbing whore, Ezra and tell him that he should shut the hell up already!


Beware of Ezra Friedlander Group fraud said...

Friedlander was on the radio a few days ago with his friend and business partner/associate Zev Brenner. He openly advocated supporting Clinton then because, according to him, it seems she would be the next President, and it would be good to have good relations with her. That is his basic modus operandi. He sees someone he thinks will win and tries to flatter them, get close to them. And then he poses as a someone who has connections to them. That is what he did with Christine Quinn, and others as well.

Friedlander Group scam warning said...

The whore Ezra Friedlander and Kaine also recently honored the oysvurf Marc Schneier, who was expelled from the RCA for shameful conduct, at the Jewish American Heritage month event in DC that the Democrat party gave to Friedlander to run.

Is there something he won't do to promote his business?