Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A tour bus in Uman, Ukraine was taken hostage by criminals who demanded money from the organizers of the trip.


So who do you call, when your are in trouble??????
Ghost busters?????

Guess who bailed them out??????
Guess again!
Satmar Bikur Choilim?
Naaaa .... one more try...
Ukrainian police? 
You mean the Ukrainian anti-Semitic barbarians ????

The Zionists!!!!!! Yup ..... the Zionists !!

A tour bus in Uman, Ukraine was taken hostage by criminals who demanded money from the Ukrainian driver for the trip.

Thinking they had been kidnapped, the tourists called Israeli representatives, who dealt with the matter and worked to direct the bus to the airport.

Towards this purpose, a representative of the of Israel's anti-terror division residing in the Ukraine got involved - as did a division of Israeli police.

The foreign ministry is continuing to check the matter. Officials are saying that the situation involved a "misunderstanding."

From passenger testimonies, it appears that a group of criminals stopped the bus on its way to the airport, demanding money. 
They commandeered the bus for several hours - until things were sorted out.
It has been suggested that the tour company itself staged the whole incident


Anonymous said...

are they sure the "criminals" holding up the tour bus for money didn't just want the funds to help sponsor a kollel couple who doesn't work and their 12 kids?

DovBer said...

3:30 pm - Panic at the YSV girls building over a bear roaming around.

Is it a real bear or is it Frankel in a bear costume trying to steer even more kids away from YSV? That would be more original than coldly denying them entry even when there is nowhere else to go.

The Revenant said...

How big was that bear by YSV Monsey?

Do they make bear costumes in Sruly Orzel's size?

Anonymous said...

The Israel times refuted this story

blogger on said...

Very bad for the tourism in the country.