Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Iran parades new multiple warhead missile with message written on transporter vowing to 'destroy Tel Aviv'

A missile launcher passes by the shrine of Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, during the parade on September 21
Iran parades new multiple warhead missile with message written on transporter vowing to 'destroy Tel Aviv' following $38billion US-Israel arms deal 
Hey Ezra Friedlander, you happy now that you endorsed Fat Jerry Nadler, that voted for the disastrous Iran Nuclear deal? 
Hey Lichtenstein, you happy that you raised money for Hillary that endorsed the deal?

Both of you already have Jewish blood on your hands .... may you scheme to throw your brothers and sisters under the bus fail ....
And may the Ribbono Shel Olam pay both of you back for your efforts!
Soldiers in khaki gathered for the parade, which took part during Iran's 'Sacred Defence Week', an annual event to mark the war with Iraq 
 Iran showed off missiles, tanks and marching troops in a display of force following a record $38billion arms deal between the US and Israel.

The Islamic republic used the 36th anniversary of the start of the Iran-Iraq war to parade arms including 16 ballistic missiles through Tehran.
A new missile with multiple warheads, called Zolfaghar, was also on show with a threat directed at Iran's arch-rival Israel written on the side of the truck transporting it.

'If the leaders of the Zionist regime make one false move, the Islamic republic will destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa,' it said, referring to two Israeli cities.
S-300 missiles delivered by Moscow this year were also on show in the capital. Other military parades were held elsewhere in the country.
In the southern port city of Bandar Abbas 500 boats, submarines, fighter jets and helicopters gathered for a massed display of force.  
In Tehran, the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, declared Iran wanted peace.

Iran parades new multiple warhead missile during Gulf tension with US

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Anonymous said...

you forgot the biggest Israel hating murderous Jewish KAPO BASTARD Aron Teitel-Bum,this piece of human garbage this ROTZEACH when Israels P.M was here begging congress not to let Obama's murderous deal with Iran to go through this KAPO had letters written to all the NY senators and congressmen not to support Israel and vote for Obama's death sentence over the six and a half million Jews in Israel.


Anonymous said...

time for another niturei charta visit, i think ahmadinejad needs another hug, is weiss avail.?

Anonymous said...

Throw the bastard Jonathan Greenblatt, the new ADL chairman into the mix.. This traitor and scumbag, instead of focusing on anti-Semitic incidents across the nation, is involving himself into Israeli politics.... Didn't exactly endorse BDS, but says he understands it, or some such filthy language...
In the great 'ole days of R' Kahana, there would have been a takeover of the ADL offices until he resigned... In the days of Soviet Jewry demonstrations, this mamzer wouldn't have been allowed to become an ADL leader... His resume includes service to Obama, but no experience or record on Israel... How did this shvartz yohr get this job... a $50 million outfit...

People, we're in trouble... We have no leaders... We care about farshtunkineh programs and our 4 amos....... We're being invaded by the barbaric Huns who are being settled into our 'hoods.... It's beginning of the end here.... DeBlasio openly said that yesterday... Obama & Hillary want open borders.... This country is changing, and NOT pro-Jew or Israel..

Question: Who elected these bums (OX'ens)to be our leaders???

Did you???

the Derby....