Thursday, September 8, 2016

Black Lady charged in 1983 necktie murder of 92-year-old Jewish Purple Heart World War I veteran
Edmund Schreiber
Authorities in upstate New York believe they have solved the 33-year-old necktie murder of a 92-year-old Jewish World War I veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart.
Fingerprints and DNA evidence link Saundra Adams a black lady, to the slaying of Edmund Schreiber, found strangled with eight of his own neckties in Buffalo in 1983,according to the Buffalo News.
Saundra Adams
The 50-year-old Adams, 17 at the time of the killing, was charged with two counts of second-degree murder. An unknown accomplice was also involved, prosecutors say.
"Mr. Schreiber survived World War I, but he did not survive those who, during the night of June 23, 1983, invaded his home, attacked him, and took his life," acting Erie County District Attorney Michael Flaherty Jr. said, WIVB reported.
Schreiber and his wife lived in the same house for more than five decades as they raised a family, the Buffalo News reported. His wife passed away five years before the slaying, according to the newspaper.
The war hero weighed just 100 pounds at the time of the murder and could not do much to defend himself, according to the paper. His killers tied his hands and savagely wrapped his neckties around his throat.


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