Sunday, September 25, 2016

Moshiach Arrived in Boro Park and nobody cares!

So Moshiach finally arrived on his donkey and nobody came out to greet him.. 
Some speculate because he wasn't wearing a shtramel mit vaaseh zokin ...
I'll bet if he was fighting with his brother and taking him to secular court or even Bais Din, he would have had a gigantic crowd !


Klaghorn Leghorn said...

This man did not come to Boro Park to proclaim himself Moshiach. He came to perform the Great Mitzvah of Arifa as required In Devarim 13:13.
If you look closely in the background there are two men, one holding a machete and the other a woven basket to catch the donkey's decapitated head.
Reliable sources tell me that that both Satmar Rebbes wanted to attend but were prevented because they planned to practice showing their young yeshiva buchrim how to throw eggs at the hated tziyonisten.

Anonymous said...

Just another weirdo!