Thursday, September 8, 2016

LOHUD Turns Tragic Yeshiva Bochur death into political story

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Lohud, the Rockland "anti-Frum" newspaper in Rockland, turned a tragic car crash into a political story .....

Two Yeshiva boys were talking to each other innocently in the parking lot of the Yeshiva Tiferet Tora 996 Route 202, when an off duty police officer passed another car on a "no passing" zone, lost control and barreled thru the parking lot  smashing into the boys ...

"Both young man were standing on the edge (Din Emphasis) of driveway at 996 Haverstraw Road when a 2016 Lexus driven by Peekskill Police Officer Jonathan Mosquera of Suffern drove up behind a 2008 Honda driven by Tzvi Hakakian, 19, of Monsey"

They were not standing at the "edge of the driveway" according to Hatzalah, they were IN the driveway!
not that it makes a difference .... the car barreled into the "driveway"!

"The property had been operating with a temporary certificate of occupancy after opening in violation of town zoning and building codes. A 2015 critical state report on the Building Department operations cites the school for lacking permits and operating in violation of safety regulations.
Yeshivat Tiferet Tora also has been hit with fines by the Rockland Board of Health."
In 2013, the Rockland Board of Health fined Arash and Sara Hakakian and Neal J. Klatzko, owners, 996 Haverstraw Road, $900 for operating a rooming house without a permit and for failure to get proper permits for a sewer system."

What does this crash have anything to do with the fact that "the property had been operating with a temporary certificate of occupancy"? 
and if the had a permanent C of O ...would the crazy cop not have barreled into the innocent boys??

There is no end to the hatred that Lohud has against the religious community! Take a tragic story and shamelessly turn it into a hate campaign to give fodder to the anti-Semites!

And now a word to to my readers!
The Rosh Yeshiva of this school prohibited the boys from having any phones, be they kosher or otherwise!

The boys in the Yeshivah took at least 10 minutes to find a bystander to phone Hatzalah!

According to a memeber of Hatzalah that I spoke to, "in this case, it would not have made a difference." 
Parents .... insist that your child, 10 and above, carry a phone ..... absolutely! 



TalmidChochom said...

If in fact the R"Y forbids phones, this Yeshiva should be shut down by Rockland County...forever. Hatzolah members have no right or authority and certainly no medical knowledge to judge whether 10 minutes would not have saved the life of this 17-year old. I don't want to say here what should be done to these R"Y if they did not permit bochurim to carry phones.

Pomona said...

A few comments

Code issues in Rockland as many know are often manufactured phony issues by County agents who work for Ed Day who is the candidate of the anti-Semitic Preserve Ramapo group who run candidates in elections and who send agitators to Village meetings with a laundry list of demands to crack down on Jews and to create new laws to specifically target Jews for persecution.

The dumb newspaper anyway missed the boat because there is a real scandal with that yeshiva that they haven't figured out.

Note that some yeshivos have a red phone installed that goes directly to Hatzolah dispatchers. All yeshivos, including those who allow cellphones, should install the red phone.

Anonymous said...

I read news reports that the boys were holding cell phones with the flash light on when they were waiting for their ride so they could be seen.

Sam said...

Yep they're sick fanatics

Anonymous said...

The rabbi can say no phones (it's his business = his rules), but an alternative (emergency phones) should be installed in yeshivos/shuls. Regardless, Hatzolah and 911 were called immediately; there was no wait time.

Anonymous said...

i happen to be a student in the yeshiva who was there that night were all allowed to have phones as long as there is no browser
2nd the yeshiva has a permanent c of o