Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ellen Jaffee Running for assembly to squash Chareidie influence in Rockland County!

A majority of the 9 Board members of the East Ramapo Central School District in Rockland County, NY, are Orthodox Jewish. They recently won re-election in a landslide, but sitting NY Assembly Member Ellen C. Jaffee used her time on the floor of the New York State Assembly to  question the legitimacy of the voters who elected the board. 

Democratic candidate Thomas Gulla is running against five-term incumbent Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee in the 97th Assembly District.

Many have accused Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee of stirring up anti-Jewish sentiment in the county, with unwarranted attacks against Yeshivas as well as questioning the validity of Orthodox Jewish Voters (See above video)

‎‎In the past, Jaffee enjoyed the support of the Orthodox community, but this year the incumbent seems to have lost its support with every Kehilla backing her opponent.

One influential observer said, “at a certain point elected officials need to understand that their words and actions have electoral consequences. Jafffe’s agenda and rhetoric have unfortunately gone well past the line of fairness.


Unknown said...

Jaffee has do e much worse things than just open up her big mouth.

she has voted for many bills that put us in jeopardy spiritually and physically.

her vote for assisted suicide even warnted her getting a psak halacha that she is assur to vote for

Jonny said...

Let's hope she wins!