Saturday, September 17, 2016

Satmar Zalonim furious with their Rebbe, R' Zalman Leib for locking out poor toddlers from Satmar Cheder while collecting millions for Chinuch Atzmai

Loose translation of a comment on a chassidishe blog!
"my wife tells me that she went to bring my little toddler to her first day in school in UTA (United Talmudical Academy ..Satmar) .....and out side at the entrance of the school stood two black gentiles accepting "admittance cards" 

Those children that didn't possess those cards were sent to the left outside and not allowed to enter the building. 

She noticed that there were many little children from the first to the fifth class, standing on the left looking frightened and crying.
There wasn't any Jewish staff of the Yeshiva outside to either take charge of the situation or to calm down the children who were initially excited to to come to school on the first day..and were now shocked  that they were denied entry by gentiles.... 

My wife noticed that one little girl was hysterically crying and my wife felt so bad for her so she asked her, her phone number. The little searched in her briefcase for her phone wife called the number, and the mother told my wife, that she just had a baby and the little girl slept by an aunt, her husband is at work and asked begged my wife to help her child!

Yes,  the Rebbe (R' Zalman Leib) flies on private airplanes with Ruby Shron to collect millions of dollars for French children to place them in Chinuch Atzmaie schools , but his own blood brothers are brutally blocked from entering the school by black gentiles, and for one reason only, because the children come from poor homes ....
The holy spirit says, "On these I cry" 


Anonymous said...

I have had the same kashya for years. Poor Satmars go to all shuls and weddings collecting, yet somehow the movement has money to organize huge anti-Israel demonstrations and give money to Israeli institutions that dont take money from the medina. why dont they stop their political and hate-filled nonsense, and take care of their poor.

Anonymous said...

why dont they stop their political and hate-filled nonsense, and take care of their poor?
The answer to that is an obvious one,because these criminally insane ignorant savage Hungarian- Romanian gypsy Jew hating bastards their whole yidishkeit is based on ONLY ONE THING and that is HATE for MEDINAS YISROEL and any other Jew who is not a member in their criminal gang called Satmar