Tuesday, September 13, 2016

When Shimon Dzigan met the Bobover Rebbe

Those growing up in the 50's and 60's will remember the two Yiddish comedians, Dzigan and Shumacher. 

The performances of Dzigan and Shumacher typically opened with skits based on items from daily newspapers. Their humor was aimed at anti-Semites and government functionaries, but also at themselves and their public. Routines based on domestic life would follow.

Holocaust survivors would get some comical relief and laugh hysterically listening to the recordings  of these two comedians who blended humor with sarcasm.

Who can ever forget, the skit "Vefill Ir Farshteit" or the hilarious "Einshtein Veinshtein" ...some will remember with fondness the skit ... "Yankel Friedman" where Dzigan tried to jog the memory of Shumacher ....  to convince him that Shumacher knew who Yankel Friedman was ... this goes on for a full half hour ...

Well above is an old photo of Shimon Dzigan meeting the Bobover Rebbe.... I guess it was in Israel .... The Bobover Rebbe doesn't look too impressed!


Anonymous said...

prob bc from the picture it looks like he's not meeting the Bobover, he's talking to the guy next to him without the kippah

Klaghorn Leghorn said...

I happen to know the grandson of one of the men who happened to be standing behind The Bobover Rebbe when Dzigan told a joke to the Rebbe.
He told me his grandfather mentioned that the Rebbe liked a good joke.
He remembered his grandfather said that Dzigan tried to make The Rebbe laugh with the following joke:
Why did the Satmar Chusid cross the road?
To schnorr on the other side.
The Rebbe didn't think the joke was funny according to the grandson's recollection .

sanz said...

He always wanted to get in discussion with the bobover rebbe being that he was together with the rebbe younger brother r' chaim yehoushua in Siberia. However t he bobover rebbe refused to let him in his house and didn't want him in his presence claiming that he is a letz to whom one is required to stay far.