Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hundreds Of Passengers will now have to spend Rosh Hashana with their wives and children after Chartered Uman Flight is Cancelled

Notice the Tefillin bag has the Acronym TIPISH ... fool  

Terrible news for the frum oilim that were traveling to a Rebbe that passed away many years ago, they will nebech have to spend Yom Tov with their families!

They will now be forced to bring their children to shul, have to daven and learn with them .......
and the worst part of it is that they will have to eat food from the mother-in-laws' !

The New Year starting out just great!

Hundreds of people scheduled to leave New York on Wednesday night for Uman have just been notified that the flight has been cancelled.

The tickets were sold by a well-respected travel agency, and the passengers were being flown on a privately chartered 747. The flight was advertised as a direct flight.

Although it is unclear about why exactly the flight was cancelled, sources say that the flight did not have the appropriate landing permits in Ukraine, prompting the cancellation of the flight.

Passengers who spoke to the travel agency are being told that their money was being refunded, and being told that they can try and make alternate travel arrangements.

The following email was written by one of the flight organizers:

Dear friends,
This past summer we attempted to organize a charter flight to the Zion of Rabeini Hakodosh so that our community can travel to Uman for Rosh Hashanah. With Hashem’s help we made contact with a reputable charter company that was willing to provide us with a reasonably priced flight option that would be best suitable for our community.
We reached out to Do All Travel to assist us in servicing the community to book and ticket this charter flight. Do All Travel put in their best effort to service the positive response.
Unfortunately at the last minute we received word from the charter company that due to issues beyond their control there will be no flight leaving tonightfor Kiev in time for Rosh Hashanah. We profusely apologize for the situation and we understand your disappointment. We take full responsibility for this unfortunate situation.
May hashem help that with all of your good intentions you should merit to a healthy and fruitful year.
With sincere appolgies,
Yoily Gertner


Mrs. Pancakes said...

It's going to be much harder to find available hookers on the Yomim Noraim for the oilam. There is a clear message. We must do tshuva.

Klaghorn Leghorn said...

There's something especially pernicious about a religious hashkafa that encourages separation from you family on the yomim noraim every year.
Muslims are required to perform a pilgramiage Haj once in their lifetimes. These imbeciles do it every year .

Anonymous said...

Let me try to figure out what really bothers you?
Going to a Rebbe? What's the difference if the Rebbe is alive or not, the family is still left alone?
Going to a Rebbe who passed away many years ago, why did you pick only uman there are other chasiddim doing the same?
Obviously the answer is clear, you are obsessed with anything everything and everyone who still has emuna in Hashem and his tzaddikim, why? Because as i said before YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY, YOU ARE A NAZI, YOU ARE MIZERA AMALEK
כאשר יענו אותו כן ירבה

Dusiznies said...

If as you say that the "answer is clear ....everyone who still has emuna in Hashem"
then stay home with your family ...
Hashem says that a Yom Tov is about "simcha" and "simcha" is with your family, not in a blood soaked anti-Semitic country like Ukraine"
Stay the Hell home... and take your children to shul ... why should the children be like Yesoimim in a shul??????

Anonymous said...

Oy how wil they all find the "Holy Grass"

Anonymous said...

1) I don't go and those in my family who do go take along their boys and the majority do so and if not they're left under the care of a grandparent
2) Why do you call what's only uman why not chabad?
3) Rosh Hashanah is not a Yom Tov of Simcha, actually you're allowed to fast, but definitely it's not a day of farbrengen the tzeit

Anonymous said...

10:46 PM

sorry but you're very wrong. rosh hashana IS a yom tov [of simcha]. As we are taught by tzaddikim why is yom kippur like purim? it is called Yom K'purim, bc with simcha you do alot better then to sit in shul and cry.

And you are NOT allowed to fast. i heard from a big tzaddik that he would if it were allowed, so he makes kiddush and eats a little. but you are definitely not allowed to fast on a yom tov.

you dont have to farbreng the tzeit, but BE HAPPY, chap a tentzel and you'll have a gut yahr.

Dusiznies said...

It is prohibited to fast on Rosh Hashana ... and Rosh Hashana is a Yom tov..
10:20 is correct ..Yom Kippur, eventhough we fast , it is also a day of Simcha ...
Stay home with your family and take your kiddies to your local shul instead of shlepping them to the tumedika Ukraine,

Anonymous said...

Are girls chopped liver?