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Monday, August 29, 2016

Crazed "Principal" Fired Betar Illit Teacher because she got a Drivers License To Assist Disabled Daughter

Guys ????? Can someone explain why a lady needs permission from Rav to get a drivers license?
Have we totally lost our collective minds????
If the family made a decision that she get a drivers license, what business is that of the Rabbonim??

Read this and laugh!!!!!

A chassidish woman who lives in Betar Illit got a drivers license in the hope of making her disabled daughter’s life easier. The woman has been employed in education in the chareidi community for years and she is well known in the community. However, after she received her license she was dismissed from her teaching position. 

The woman consulted with a prominent rav and their rebbe before going for her license, which she explains is simply to transport their young daughter who has been classified by Bituach Leumi as “100% disabled”.
After her case was reviewed the husband was told to get a license but after encountering difficulties, he was told to instruct his rebitzen to get a license to permit her to address the special needs of their daughter.

Despite the fact a rebbe instructed her to get the license, the decision was made to fire her from her teaching position. Kikar Shabbos News quotes someone close to the case quoting the principal of the school, who is familiar with the details surrounding the case saying “It doesn’t interest me. I will not tolerate a teacher with a drivers license”.
The teacher and her family refuse to comment on the story explaining they do not wish to cause a Chilul Hashem. Regarding the principal, she too has declined comment.


Skverrorist said...

That's almost as bad as Rottenberg disobeying the Rebbe to help make a minyan for a bedridden alter Yid.

Anonymous said...

Good morning DIN,did you just wake up to the fact that YES a large part of chareidi judaism in Eretz Yisroel has morphed into a one big INSANE ASYLUM.
How else could you explain this criminal insanity of not teaching their children secular studies at all,and how else could you explain this absolute criminally insane brainwashing of their own children that they were not meant to work but have to sit and learn all their life and live a life of begging and SHNORRING and sending your pregnant wife (who has already 7 or 8 children at home) to work.
As an example of how far reaching this insanity has reached,do you know that there are a few prestigious girl seminaries in Israel who will not admit a girl from a home that the father works.
They have turned this once beautiful religion called Judaism and turned it into an insane REBBE and GEDOLIM worshiping cult.


Anonymous said...


Here's a story: Those in the USA don't understand the mentality in EY. Let's deal with the driving issue exclusively. For many years the only frum women who drove cars in EY were American immigrants (maybe from other English speaking countries as well). It was considered a huge breach of tznius by the local Rabbonim and definitely not the norm for a frum woman. (Thing smoking, for example.)
A Canadian immigrant woman living outside the main frum enclaves needed a license for daily life. (She had been driving in chu'l but her license expired years before)
Being a Lubavitcher, she wrote to the Rebbe and asked if she should get a license. The Rebbe anwered to proceed in the manner of the G-d fearing women in Eretz Yisroel (not a direct quote).
So we looked into the issue and discovered that for immigrants it's the norm, and for the locals it's considered a tznius breach. She went on to get her drivers license.

Things have changed, many Israeli women are driving, even the very frum ones, but in some circles it is still considered a no no. And this mechaneches has the bad luck of working under a principal who doesn't differentiate between driving for pleasure and driving for neccesity. Even if the teacher has the ok of her admur and rov.

This is very sad for us as Yidden. If a principal can override a psak halacha, how can she be a role model for her charges? So halacha is gornisht? Then we can ignore any psak halacha we choose. Very bad example, aside for pure rish'us.
May Moshiach save us from our very frum selves.
A ksiva v'chasima tova

Anonymous said...

Did you guys know,that in the first elections in Israel (1951) after the establishment of the state,the chareidi ra=bonnim did not let women go to vote because it's not TZNIUS,but then they realized that without their votes they will not have any representatives in the Knesset so they conveniently changed their minds


Anonymous said...

and there are people out there that still respect such "RABBONIM".
I dont get it. Bearded men such as this deserve a nice heavy louisville slugger in the teeth and kneecaps and then driven out of town.
People, wake up, Rabbonim such as these are destroying yiddishkeit. How many more will they drive away from yiddishkeit before its too late.
This applies to Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood, etc - anywhere that we allow these control freaks to insist that welive life by their rules. And yes, it is not halacha - it is their rules. May Hashem repay them for all the eveil they are doing.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, banning women from driving is not a Jewish principle. It is a retrograde, backward superstition that has nothing whatsoever to do with actual Torah Judaism. Which leads us to think more and more that the extreme Hasidic cult followers are no longer following the Jewish religion, the path of Torah, but rather something that was made up and resembles Judaism in some ways, but is wildly divergent in others, including the bizarre edicts such as women being banned from driving and a philosophy, if you can call it that, to raise entire generations to be mentally crippled schnorrers. This is why I no longer listen to the spiel of these fanatics, don't seek brachos from these characters any longer. Maybe it made sense for our parents' generation, but no longer.

Anonymous said...


The teacher has no problem with the general rule, and would never have dreamt of learning to drive if not the extenuating circumstances. The issue at hand is the callousness of the principal. No worry, no other taechers or mothers in the school body would themselves a license or learn to drive. They all know that this teacher has a special child and driving is an absolute need, sanction by her rabbinic guides.

Please no bashing, let each group follow their leader if the teachings do no harm.

Anonymous said...

Why should I not bash? I do not believe in blind faith and following some fool because he has the title rabbi. As my father always told me, be a mensch first. This applies to the stupid rabbis too.

Anonymous said...

Cars, and thus driving, have been part of ordinary human everyday life for decades now. We are all of us dependent on modern technology in all its guises just to subsist and maintain our Jewish lives. Tell me, are women supposed to wash their clothes in the local stream, mill their own corn, spin their own flax, weave and make all their own clothes, etc? Are we to treat illnesses and infections with ancient potions, travel by camel or horse and cart to travel to our workplaces, etc etc? Women drive because mostly they need to drive, and it will impact negatively on men, and inevitably families, if they don't. Tziniut is no reason to forbid driving for women who really depend on it to enhance and maintain their family life. Tziniut doesn't come into it!