Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Ameleik" Rabbi appointed Leader of Shas Party!

Dear Readers, I think we lost the war. Time to start a new Religion and call it "Yehudit Emet"we will follow the saying of the Tanna Rebbi Akivah and Hillel whose motto was ואהבת לרעך כמך
We will wear grey hats with 1" brim, Woody Allan style glasses, long blue frocks made of denim, neon yellow ties,pink shirts and Skverer boots!
For the ladies: neon green baggy blouses and neon red skirts
No shaitels permitted only neon orange scarfs .... Only yellow  lipstick no other makeup!Bright Blue sneakers with 3" heels! 

Rabbi Shalom Cohen has been named the head of the Shas Council of Torah Sages.
Cohen, 83, has been a member of the Shas rabbinical council since its founding 30 years ago, and is the head of the Porat Yosef Yeshiva in Jerusalem.
Haaretz ( ) reports, the title of maran will be added to Cohen’s name in tomorrow’s edition of the Shas party newspaper
A reception celebrating the placement will be held during the Passover holiday.
Cohen will be known as the party’s “head” and not its president, a title held by the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.
Cohen grew up in Jerusalem’s exclusive Sephardic Torah community, and is considered a master teacher among yeshiva students. He is also known as being somewhat controversial, as when he called those who wear a knitted kippot “Amalek” or the Jews’ enemy, and when he said that anyone who votes for the Habayit Hayehudi party would go to hell.


Anonymous said...

"..I think we lost the war..."

You're panicking.

We lost nothing yet, we're winning, more and more are coming out and marching, the fence-sitters who are suffering from 'what's my neighbor gonne say ' syndrome, will join too. Just a matter of time. If we lose, it's a new chapter in Dark Ages Jewry.

The frummie extreme hijackers are in their last gasp. This has become a religion of division, head bashing, Jew vs. Jew battles---- none of it leshem Shomayim.

The Tocheche is read in a low voice, and perhaps that's the reason why the masses don't chapp the most terrifying curse of all...V'HOYISU MESHUGAH.. !!!!!

In front of our eyes yet.... MEMAREH EINECHU, continues the possuk... UNBELIEVABLE...

Due to our many sins, this curse has come true.

Again, we need the sane average and above average Jew to speak out, to protest and not be intimidated .


Certainly goes for the dayan, but also goes for you and me. Don't let any pilpullplapperei, lip-flapping svuros and (m'shteinsgezugt) Reiyos convince you otherwise.
These people are using their lomdus to farfeer 'KLALL YISROEL'
as they call us.
The meraglim were HAND PICKED by Moshe Rabbeinu, tzaddikim, talmidei chachammi to the core and brought a bechiya ladorot.

You'll be treated to the usual myriad of mareh mekomos as they try to prove their farchnyukte, nish geshtoigende, nisht gefloigene Toire'lech.
Don't forget: These guys have the time, you and I work.

They inundate us with dozens of weeklies and magazines which tie up the newsstands. Take out the good stuff, and I'm sure there is some, though I don't read any of them including the Shmated, Derr Goy, etc.

( censored news and photos and all. How come these editors can see and read these over the news wires and then edit them out for our Yiddishe neshomos. Why are the editors of Shmated and Der Goy allowed to look at semi-naked women, and not kosher news items all day coming off the news sources. Who gave him the heter to have such a job anyway?? )

, and you're left with ultra-frum poppycocked-drivel, mostly anti-Eretz Yisroel, in which these very same rabbis ( with their pictures)pop up like bad pennies and like the newly popular but (in my opinion) highly overrated yapchik, over and over again.

Who's forcing us to buy it, you ask?
They're ENTICING. Enticing with tabloid head lines like the other tabloids. The yetzer harah does not force. He entices ,and that's worse than forcing. They're enticers, seducers exaggerators.

This rabbi isn't the only one who used names of "Amalek and Haman' against other Jews. There are others too. These control freaks are disgusting.
It's cheapening the word 'gadol' when using it to title these rabbis.

If you want to drink this toxic Kool-Aide, if you want for yourself, children and grandchildren to be hypnotized shuckling robots, that's your privilege. I won't drink it.

They're turning people off..
They're falsely misleading people into questioning whether they're frum enough. We, the masses want to do the right thing for G-D and Yiddishkeit but there are a bunch of them that are heartless charlatans.
Then there those who scream ' Das Torah' to intimidate and shut down any question, any criticism.
Scream that to your puppets, not to me.

There are the Rabbis Melameds, Absalems Stavs and others who also decry this lunacy and we need to flock to them in droves, leaving the dictators to blow in their own hot air.

I'm going to take a hiatus from all this. Time is getting limited but I also need a rest from this madness.
Have a Chag Someach..!!!

the Derby - en route

Anonymous said...

the bal dovor speaks thru these papers.
I'm going to wear shabbos tee shirts and my wife will wear Shabbos bulbs on her dress that light up thru a shabbos clock.

Anonymous said...

I did a little math, On an shabbes a person can spend almost 800 pages of bitil Toireh on these papers and megasines per reader.