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Monday, September 12, 2016

Why did Hillary embrace a child while having the contagious disease "Pneumonia "

Would you allow your child to be hugged with a lady that has a dangerous contagious disease?
I think not! 
I think Hillary is a very sick lady but she doesn't have pneumonia! 
Hey Ezra (friedlander) what did you feed her?


OU Crony Watch said...

Rabbi Genack isn't afraid to kiss Hillary. He says he uses Listerine to kill germs just in case.

LETZ!! said...

OH GROW UP! As Joan Rivers used to say. Rabbi Genack was more taken aback than anyone else when that

LETZ!! said...

one-sided embrace took place.
But it does show the total lack of sensibility by this presidential hopeful.

william gran said...

Its not even her

Anonymous said...

why? bc she's a moron

Horndog Hershel said...

Letz is covering for Genack.

Anyone (honest) who saw the video agrees that Genack was a very enthusiastic participant in the smooching.

Frum Jew said...

Most people outside of the frummy world have no idea that the conventional hug and/or kiss by one person to another, male to female, is a social no-no among the frummies. Frummies also do not comprehend what a small part of the world they inhabit; they tend to view themselves as the center of the universe and think that everyone else is concerned with them. This is not the case. It's a big world and most people are the centers of their own universe. The average person is not a student of the frum way of life