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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Puppa Rebbe Grandchild, 22 year old Feige Greenwald, died suddenly, presumably from an overdose!

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The granddaughter of the Puppa Rebbe, 22 year old Feige Greenwald, died suddenly today (Tuesday), Kikar Hashabbat reported. 

She was the daughter of the Rebbe's son, Rav Pinchas Greenwald, who is the rabbi of the Monsey branch of the Hassidic community.

According to reports, Feigie was hospitalized in the past few days at Maimonides Hospital after suffering poisoning from an overdose of a dangerous drug.

In the last few years, Faigie had left her parental home and acted in a more modern manner than is generally acceptable in the hassidic community. She was active on social media and according to her friends' reports she used dangerous drugs even though they tried to dissuade her.

On the "Kol Puppa" information hotline the broadcaster announced to the Hassidim :
 "Our heartbreak is as big as the ocean. Death has come to our halls. Blessed is the true Judge. With great pain, we announce the passing of the descendant of holy and pure people, the granddaughter of the Admor [hassidic Rebbe], the dear important maiden, Faige, daughter of rabbi Pinchas Chaim, Rabbi of our community in Monsey."


Sam Kay said...

No one is immuned from OTD & OD family member ...
Ein bayis asher ein shom meis ...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read Tzvi Gluck blogs. her family was there with her!! She found drugs like millions of people worldwide and it did not make THEM HAPPY. This is sad for the her parents and kallah yisroel. STOP THE BLAME

Tamara said...
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Anonymous said...

Last year at Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of meeting a charming, luminous young woman, the late Feige Greenwald. She joined my family for Thanksgiving dinner, the guest of another family member, a friend of his from Cliffside in Malibu. Feige looked pale yet lovely in her dark hair and perfect makeup, pretty lavender dress and heels. She ate very little, only a few bites, but she wasn’t quiet or downhearted at all. She seemed in good spirits that day, very funny and sweet, open and engaging, extremely bright and intelligent. I remember thinking how much potential she might have, if only she could put down the needle and find a more ‘sustainable high’ as she, or rather her counselor, put it to her. To that end, I suggested nature, amongst other things, the idea of finding beauty and peace in the natural world. She wasn’t convinced. I could see that, sadly. She spoke of how much she loved….loved, mind you… heroin. It was like there was no greater feeling or experience or escape in the world to her than what this particular drug had to offer. It made me sad to hear her speak of it so, and it makes me sadder still to know she followed that bliss unto to her death. I thought of her this year as I prepared and sat down to dinner, and she’s on my mind yet today. I’m thankful I got to meet Feige, however briefly. She made an impression. My heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to those who knew and loved her well. In her honor, let us put aside our differences and blame, and remember this beautiful girl with love and forgiveness for her, for ourselves and for all others.