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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ben Ish Chai ... Lost Photo

Ben Ish Chai on the left, R' aaron Gabbai in the middle, Harav Ezra Yoisef Gabbai, the Mechutin of the Ben Ish Chai on the right


Abe said...

Exchange a shtreimal for their turbans and seat them on a more palatial perch and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the ones on the ends the the Satmar Rebbes.

Anonymous said...

This photo is printed in בן איש חי תולדותיו, קורותיו ומורשתו לדורות

Anonymous said...

To abe. Are you trying to degrade the late גדולים?

Abe said...

To anonymous 11:37

The sentiment you're trying to employ is denigrate not degrade. The gedolim in the picture are not the object of my contempt but the Satmar knuckle draggers are.