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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rabbanim outraged at the Yated Ne'eman because it Published a Picture of A Woman! Hillary Clinton

Gedoilim are debating banning the Yated because it published a picture of Hillary Clinton's hand!
It isn't tzneesdik, and readers may get aroused glancing at the hand!

One Gadol said that he advised the Yated to print her face and he believes that would put a damper on the mens' taaveh for women, for life!

Tune in for further news on this dilemma! 

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Abe said...

Why are you blaming the Gedolim. They're right !

The minute I saw that hand, tingling waves began racing up my loins. The last time I experienced such titillation was when I accidentally glanced at a picture of Mother Teresa at a newsstand a few years ago that I happened to be walking by.

You are to strident in your denunciation of our Gedolim. They're only trying to protect us.

Anonymous said...

The unbeleivable thing is that theese so called Gedolim and their followers are tottaly bereft of any shame, they think that no one realizes how sick they are in their perversion to even come out with such an insane ruling is beyond sick.

Harry said...

The hand is not the issue. It's the braking of the rule. If this goes by unchallenged, then next time they will show more, and then more etc. So the only real aitza is to make a hard and fast rule.

Anonymous said...

Whats so bad about a picturebof skver rebbitzin