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Monday, August 8, 2016

Police Harass Yeshiva Boys in Palisades Mall

 A few bochurim who were relaxing this Motzoei Shabbos at The Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, New York, found themselves being asked by police officers to move from parking lot to parking lot without being told why.

After moving to a second parking lot, the officers once again began to harass the bochurim, claiming that the mall was closed, despite the fact that while the stores close at varying hours, the mall remains open. The mall security guard had explicitly told the bochurim that it was okay for them to remain in their cars in the mall lot – “even all night – but the officers appeared to feel otherwise.
An officer can be heard threatening, “The handcuffs are coming out next. I’ve got nothing better to do tonight. I’ll be glad to lock somebody up. You better leave.”
After a person in the car asked the officer why he was being forced to leave, the officer said that he was “interfering with a police operation.”
“This guy doesn’t…speak English,” said the officer, using an expletive.
Again the officer said, “Handcuffs are coming out. Your choice. Your choice.”
One of the officers then accused the bochurim of not wearing seatbelts.
bochur explained that they weren’t driving and the car was in park.
“Engine’s running. Keys are in the ignition,” countered the cop. “You’re operating a motor vehicle.
When a bochur referenced the officer’s comment about having nothing better to do, stating that he’s “bored,” the officer lost it and bellowed, “I am not bored! I’m busy right now and you’re getting in our way. It is time for you to leave.”
Ultimately, the bochurim decided to give up arguing and decided to leave, still having no idea why they were being chased away from the mall without reason.


Anonymous said...

Relaxing in a parking lot? I am going to side with the police on this one. Must be a tough life being a bocher who need to relax from those life of relaxation.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Some people just don't get when they are not wanted!

Anonymous said...

Bochurim hanging out in mall parking lots in middle of night are up to no good,too bad they were not locked up,might have done them some good


Anonymous said...

Whether the police were wrong or not its a chillul hashem to argue so much with them.

OrthodoxJew said...

I guess it boils down to sechel. Obviousl . There was a police opp going on at that location.. ( i.e. drug bust etc)

Anonymous said...

from this punks accent it's obvious these are hasidic bums who where hanging out in shopping malls in middle of the night and up to no good.
it's just too bad these arrogant and ignorant savages were not handcuffed and locked up

william gran said...


Anonymous said...

the accent says it all. a tuna beigel mechutzaf. they should have arrested him for disobeying the law. A police officer asks you to leave, you leave. This asshole, like all the other satmar shit, thinks he is above the law. What an attitude. This is what they teach in chasiddishe yeshivas?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't mean they're up to no good... if there was a smell of smoke, any indication of alcohol, or any other indecent exposure, or any reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, you can be sure they would have been arrested.

The boys probably wanted to just get out and away from family and chill -- listen to music, watch a video in a quiet place without being bothered.

The parking lot is private property. They were "legal guests" of the mall, as authorized by the security guard.

Was it smart to argue with police? No. He wasn't going to get an answer other than he is "interfering with a police operation" -- which he clearly had no idea what it meant. He kept asking, what am I doing wrong? They had no answer bc it wasn't wrong, But he didn't understand he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

LETZ!! said...

I'm sorry to disagree with all you hate-filled assholes, but standing up POLITELY to a belligerent cops BS does not make him wrong! The cop was waaaay outta line and should be reprimanded for this blatant harassment! As far as the accent that you imagined... That's just what it was; your imagination. No tuna beigel here. No satmar chassis he bums here. Just an anti-Semitic attitude on your part , WORSE THAN THE OFFICER's!!!

Anonymous said...

LETZ. This was "politely"??? I guess you learned the satmar definition of derech eretz. The cop should not have to tell him twice that there is a police operation. You got it all wrong, Im not an anti-semite. Im anti young tuna beigel bums who think they are better than the whole world. And as far as my imagination goes, Im around enough chasidishe bums to know what they sound like. And I see them plenty at the palisades mall.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but cops are no big tzadikim. Plenty of them are thugs. There's a fine line between cop and criminal. I hate the whole pandering Oy vey Chillul hashem. Please. Screw that and screw these cops.