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Sunday, August 7, 2016

New Chumrah! Shorten the Sheitel

 "Askanim" are obsessed with the ladies, and so to deflect scrutiny of their own inadequacies, they come up with new restrictions for women!

The latest craze? "Shorten the Shaitel" .... 
 To get Gedoilim to back this lunacy, they ran to the old sickly sage, the Skulenir Rebbe, that hasn't seen a shaitel in over 70 years and had him convinced that shortening the wig will promote Tzneeus, and will bring Bracha and Hatzlacha to those who do it...

Ayeeeee  thousands of women that cover their bald heads with "shpitzlach", have many problems nebach, ..... that fact has never entered their bizarre thinking!

So now 7 lady dwarfs answered the "holy" call and are offering to shorten the shaitlach for free!
Do  these dwarfs have  experience in cutting Shaitlach? Doesn't look like it,(I may be wrong in this) witness the fact that they write that Shaitel Machers are welcome to join if you take your shaitel for a cutting, you can be sure that you will look like a plucked chicken at your next Simcha, but you will have abided by the new bizarre mishegaas! 

They call this idiotic idea "kol Kevodah" other words the "kavod" of a women is wearing a short Shaitel"... the fact that she bears her husband 10-12 children and slaves in a hot kitchen and takes care of the kids... is not "kevodah"

Rumor has it, and you heard it here first, that the Askanim in Monroe will require  women to shave one eyebrow and grow a mustache!


Anonymous said...

Every child molester/pedophile can shorten himself (castrate himself) and submit his name to the holy Rebbe for a brocha!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that perhaps the emphasis should be on a little modesty in terms of the expense. It's a out of control. A poor hard working father has to go out and be a pauper because his daughter needs a 4000$ wig, or it's a no go. A little modesty is important. Every wants to out do the neighbor. Modesty is more than just short or long , it's about expense as well. You do not need to out do your neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Tell these pigs ra bomin to stop staring at women, and they wont have a problem

Mordy said...

When is the next asifah going to take place in Citified to enforce this on all of us? Can't wait. Looks like they're coming to the conclusion that the whole internet problem is all because of the sheitels.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem is not these morons with beards. Its the "askanim" who feed them all this bullshit. I dont know who these ASS-kanim are nor do I care. And above that, its people like the sheep we have living in lakewood, boro park, monsey, etc who fall for this bullshit. They think that every word that comes out of a rabbi's mouth is halacha le'moshe mi'sinai.
If everyone would just ignore all this idiocy, judaism would be alot more beautiful. These are the things that chase our kids away from the path each and every day.
These "gedolim" should stick to learning and stop staring at the women and blaming them for all the bad things that happen. The blame lies on the rabbonim more - for protecting abusers and molesters, and vilifying the victims. Hakodosh Baruch Hu sees all, and boy oh boy, are these guys gonna get their come-uppance.