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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Does the Nirbarter Secretly give his hechsher on Empire Chicken?

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Nirbarter Tzaddik on the left
The Nirbarter "Tzaddik"  has the largest Hashgacha racket in the entire Frum world. He is the Baal Hamacsher on all Meal Mart meats which is basically the  Alle Processing Corp. 

The Nirbarter also gives hashgacha to individual caterers. The Nirbarter will not allow the caterer to use any products in the kitchen that he does not give an hashgacha on other words all Lieber Products are "chazir treif" ....OU according to him is as if you were eating Hallal, and  he does not allow any product that is under the hashgacha of Rabbi Steimetz or R' Weissmandel, amongst others.. There are 2 Tartikoff Hashgachois and he prohibits one of them, I don't remember which one!

I remember making a simcha once and asking the caterer if he uses Empire Chickens .....
He looked at me as if I just walked out of the Episcopal Church in New City ....
"Empire Chickens?" "they next thing you will probably want is Hebrew National!"

Now the reason I requested Empire Chickens is because it was after the notorious Monsey Chicken scandal .... and I knew that all the kosher food scandals happen only with the "heimishe hashgachois"
and I personally knew at least 15 Shoichtem that worked at Empire .... big erlicaha yidden!

So guess what ...... the Baal Hamachsher of Empire Chickens is none other than The "Holy" millionare ... R' Aron Teitelbaum, the Nirbarter Rav! 
So my friends, those of you who have large families and are living on a budget, go shop at Costco and Shop rite and buy Empire Chickens .... no problem!
And if you have guests at your shabbos table and they should Chas Ve'Sholom, ask "nu! what chickens do you use?"
 You can shock them and tell them ...."Shop-Rite Chickens" 
arn't they tasty?
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Uncle Shimmy said...

Who can you trust for hashgachos? Why are so many of the heimish hasgachos prone to scandals.

Rav Dutka said...

This is very old news. Empires plant belongs to meal mart so everything shected and boideked and nimlach there is all the same stuff. Just some of the stuff gets the meal mart - nirbator label/ packaging and some gets KAK OU empire packaging. Same for A&H Hot dogs some gets A&H with Tartikov and Jacks gets his packaging but its all tje same generic nirbator or solomons meat in the same factory only the packaging is different.

Agudah Fresser said...

How exactly do you deduce that the Nirbater certifies Empire? He was on that OU panel because OU co-certifies Meal Mart.

The Finkel scandal by the way was under the Yekkishe hashgocho of Rabbi Breslauer.

The first ones to catch Finkel - EIGHT years before he skipped town - were Rabbi Yudel Shain who screamed to all the yeshivishe rabbonim but was ignored because they argued how dare you badmouth the heiliger Finkel who gives a daf yomi shiur & is one of the (LOWLIVES & CROOKS) on the board of YSV.

The other was Rabbi Bentzion Wosner who agreed that Shain's paper trail evidence was correct. He banned Finkel from the Atrium & kashered the kitchen but Finkel had too many heimishe contracts for the other chassidishe rabbonim to act against him. Finkel had many contracts due to his cheap prices because after all the treif Puerto Rican chickens don't cost much.

Dusiznies said...

It has been confirmed that the Nirbarter gives the hashgacha...the photo is just that a file photo ... the article has no connection to the function that is photographed!

Anonymous said...

You are off on various details.

From what I know, the Nirbater is one of the more ehrlich rabbonei machshir. Most hashgochos tell people what they want to hear that we are makpid on copepods in Brooklyn water. The Nirbater actually makes sure the filter cartridges are replaced so that they don't backwash the bugs despite the filter. So yes, most of the others are the fakers, and includes the 3 who the Nirbater excludes for other good reasons. Weissmandl is cheap because he does not have real standards that costs him money to be on top of. It is well known in kashrus circles that Lieber's & others jumped to Weissmandl to pay less & cut many kashrus corners. Steinmetz is the same story plus his lettuce is full of bugs. Tartikov of 20th Ave was caught by Flatbush rabbonim doing many bad things. Even the modern orthodox Flatbush Vaad does not allow any of his items.

Dusiznies said...

Are You The Nirbarter?
Because if you remember you gave a hechsher years ago on the Meal Mart in Queens that was owned a Mechaalel Shabbos Be'fresyeh ...after people told you that the owner couldn't be trusted still gave that hashagach for years ...
remember that scandal ... Mr. Teitelbaum?

Kew Gardens said...

I don't know the real story for sure at Meal Mart Queens because what DIN heard is more or less the propaganda of the Queens Vaad who blame the Nirbater despite that they also certify the store. And the Queens Vaad are a bunch of frauds who have covered up & continue to cover up more scandals with treif than you can count. There is a reason why rabbonim in Queens who know kashrus refuse to be Vaad members.

Washington Heights said...

Check out the secret letter that KAJ sent to Rubashkin's father that (despite what they publicly claimed was a "business decision") they are dumping Agriprocessers due to non-stop kashrus violations by Sholom. KAJ could no longer stomach it but the remaining 2 hashgochos OU & Weissmandel continued to cover for him. A rabbi inside KAJ who was upset that KAJ hid the truth from the public leaked the letter to Yudel Shain. Menachem Lubinsky also muzzled Weissmandel from ever speaking to reporters again after Weissmandel stupidly admitted to the Wall Street Journal that Rubashkin does not allow him access to the entire plant. Also leaked to Yudel Shain by a shochet was the communist type contract from OU & Weissmandel that if shochtim & mashgichim report any kashrus violations to outside rabbonim there will be severe consequences. The contract is a violation of halacha & Federal law.

Dusiznies said...

I'll let u in a little secret ...the bulding that the Queens meal mart was housed in belonged to guess who? Yup ... the Nirbarter that's why he continued giving the hashgacha and this had nothing to do with the Vaad of Queens .....So the "erlichar yid" the Nirbarter is a self serving shylark!
I will take the OU with their "communist" contracts over any Heimishe hashgacha ...
by the way I was in the business I know all the inside stories ....

Anonymous said...

if that's the case we will stop using Empire,because ALL the HASHGACHAS given by the HEIMISHE RA-BONNIM is CHAZIR TREIF,
the only HASHGACHA our family rely's on is the OU or Rav Heineman.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but your facts are wrong. He never owned the building. The whole block is owned by one person.

Abe said...

So this is what yiddishkeit has devolved into ? ----- Multiple hashgachos, each one condemning the others as suspect, close to treif or outright
treif for reasons impervious to Halacha.
If you have half a brain you should begin to wonder if the whole enterprise is fundamentally nonsensical and corrupt.

Anonymous said...