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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

14 year old Chareidie girl found in an attic in Meah Shearim, totally neglected

אילוסטרציה (פלאש 90)
The 14 year old 

קורע לב: בת 14 הוזנחה בביתה; "שמענו אותה צועקת בלילות"

Heart Breaker: 14 year old left neglected in her house ...
We heard her scream at night!

העובדת הסוציאלית ל'בחדרי': "מצאנו אותה בעליית גג שלא מתאימה למגורי אדם"

The social worker said "we found her in an attic that is not fit for human habitat" 

 לחלץ נערה חרדית כבת 14 מבית אביה לאחר שחיה במצב הזנחה קשה, ככל הנראה במשך תקופה ארוכה. האב, שחשוב לציין כי אינו חשוד במקרה, הוא זה שמתגורר בבית, והאם אינה בסביבה. הנסיבות, עדיין בבדיקה. 
A 14 year old Chareidie girl was rescued from her father's home, after being neglected for an extended period of time ....
it's important to note, that her father is not a suspect at this time; he lives in the house, however, her mother isn't around and officials are still trying to find out why.

מי שחילצה את הנערה היא העובדת הסוציאלית רותי שפירא מאגף הרווחה בעיריית ירושלים, בגיבוי השוטר הקהילתי אלון כהן וכוחת נוספים שהגיעו כליווי. הנערה על פי הרווחה, נמצאה כשעליה סימני אלימות, אך בעקבות מצבה הנפשי הגרוע לא ברור האם מדובר באלימות מצד האב או שמא הנערה עשתה זאת לעצמה. 

The social worker, Ruti Shapira, that works for Child Welfare found the girl with bruises, its not certain if her father is responsible for her wounds or if the wounds were self inflicted!


Miriam377 said...

I wish I had a child of my own. Let me buy her a plane ticket and get her a passport I'll take her in with signed adoption papers. You have no idea how precious your children are. There are so many of us without our own.

Anonymous said...

@Miriam377. These people have no idea of the precious gift that G-d has bestowed on them. Beautiful children who just want some love and attention. I guess a millionaire has no idea about the pauper being hungry. It's very sick to see what's happening to children in Chadar or abuse. There is a problem. G-d have mercy on us, if we don't have mercy on ourselves. however, we still don't know the whole story.

Mendel said...

May HKBH bless you with children

Spring balmy residence said...

Miriam I just wanted to wright the same things. And I bless you with your aown but if you mean it serious we will try to bring her here

Miriam377 said...

I am very serious. I sit here in tears wondering if I will ever have a child. There is a language barrier with time we can overcome. We will do what we can to get her health insurance so she can start seeing a mental health professional to get over the trauma and help get her up to speed to we can enroll her in school here. There are many fine schools in monsey. As a school bus driver, I've driven most of them.

Harry said...

I don't get it. In the picture we see food, nosh and bottled water. The girl is well dressed and hair is neat and seems to have been washed not too long ago. The room is a mess, true, but I bet there are many messy girls rooms in Israel, and the world over. It hasn't been stated exactly what the neglect was, but we know that sometimes social workers make trouble. Lets's see how and/or if this story develops.

Normal said...

May you be gebenched with your own children bemehaira